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Intercepting Daisy
Series: Love & Football #6
Author: Julie Brannagh
Publisher:  Avon Impulse Publishing
Red's Rating: 5 AMAZING STARS!!

Daisy Spencer never set out with the intention of becoming a bestselling author, she was just looking for a way to express her deepest darkest fantasies, and it just so happen to spawn a really good story. Writing about hunky quarterback Grant Parker let her live out all her naughty dreams about him, with the hope that he would never find out who penned the story, let alone find out the story even existed. But with his star in the sports world shining a little brighter he is drawing the attention of the public, and before she knows it her naughty little story is front page news! In the mean time Grant takes a shine to her, and asks her out, now her faux relationship with him is about to collide with her real relationship with him, and she is certain it's not going to end pretty!! She knows the minute he finds out what she's done, he'll walk away... and she'll lose her chance to see if he lives up to all her crazy fantasies of him that are floating around in her mind!

Grant Parker's dream to be a starting quarterback in the NFL is about to come true, and he couldn't be more ecstatic, but with the big promotion comes more publicity, and he's worried all his dirty little secrets might be exposed. Everyone thinks he is a good boy with an impeccable image, but that couldn't be farther from the truth, he has wild tastes in the bedroom, and dabbles in things most would be appalled to learn. His agent assures him his secrets are safe, he just needs to do something to live up to the squeaky clean image he's created, and encourages him to find a good woman to date, and hopefully draw the attention of the public. He has the perfect woman in mind, now he just has to work-up the courage to ask her out, he knows a relationship with Daisy could be just what he needs, but he's afraid if she learns about the real man underneath the public image that she'll run the other direction. So he has to find a way to not let that happen... and prove to her he's worth the risk!

I have been dying to meet Grant for sometime now, and I have to say he was well worth the wait, Ms. Brannagh never ceases to amaze me with her writing talents, Grant and Daisy's story was nothing short of AMAZING!! From the moment I opened the book I was hooked, and before long I felt an addiction settle over me that I knew would not be satisfied until I had devoured every last page! Barely a paragraph into it and I immediately felt myself being pulled into Daisy and Grant's world and completely entranced by every printed word. These two well crafted characters were definitely a match made in literary heaven, the chemistry they shared could be felt from their very first encounter, and continued to burn intently throughout the entire story... and it also help to create some very steamy encounters that left me blushing!! This series has been one of my all time favorite literary discoveries, and I have truly enjoyed meeting each and everyone of Ms. Brannagh's Seattle Sharks, each one has left an indelible impression on my heart and earned themselves a prestigious spot on my all time favorite book boyfriends list!! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us next!!

If you like your fairy tales a little on the spicy side and equipped with a smooth talking and oh so charming football players, then I HIGHLY recommend you meet the men of the Love and Football Series!! They are sure to score a special place in your heart and leave you highly satisfied!!

ARC requested through Edelweiss, and kindly provided by Avon Impulse Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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