A Sexy New Read From Becca Noire!!

Into My Silhouette: 
Discovering The Dark

Series: Into My Silhouette
Author: Becca Noire
Red's Rating: 4 Sexy Stars!!

Becca Noire is ready for something new, she wants to spice up her mundane life, and meet a man who can help her escape her vanilla sex life. But date after date she just keeps finding the same thing... men who lack the skills in the bedroom to leave her satisfied and push her to limits. Then she meets John and he turns her world upside down, he's exactly what she has been looking for, but he has a ton of mystery surrounding him that makes her a little apprehensive. Little by little though he lures her out of her comfort zone, and introduces her to a world she always dreamed about being a part of, but never had the courage to wander into on her own... but once she is there she starts to learn things may not be all that they seem!

From the moment I started this one I was intrigued, and was left with an insatiable urge to learn more, to delve deeper into Becca's life and see if she would find the kind of life she desired... and I am happy to report that she definitely found it and probably far more than she bargained for! While she seemed fairly relatable and what she was going through was plausible I found it hard to believe that she could just completely relinquish all self control to a perfect stranger, and not demand some sort of answers first. So, with that being said at times I had a hard time buying the story line, I know that is the appeal of delving into this world, and the unknown that surrounds is part of the intrigue but I still think the heroine should of had some knowledge of who she was playing the "game" with. I am hoping the author will provide more answers in the second installment, and give us a broader understanding of what the heroine is thinking and who she is dealing with! Overall I enjoyed this one, and plan to pick up the second installment and continue the journey with Becca, but I wish the author would have gave a few more details about the illusive mystery that is John! 

ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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