A Sexy New Read From Samanthe Beck!!

Hard Compromise
Series: Compromise Me #2
Author: Samanthe Beck
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Red's Rating: 5 Super Sexy Stars!!

For the last ten years Ethan Booker has been admiring the woman of his dreams from afar, waiting for the perfect opportunity to finally make his move, and hopefully win her heart. Ten years ago they had a heated little exchange, but he knew at the time neither one of them were ready for what was brewing between them, not to mention the fact that she was a little young at the time. So, they've circled around each other, watching each other date others, while secretly craving one another, and now Ethan is finally ready to quench that craving... question is will Laurie be prepared for all he has to offer?

Laurie Peterson has secretly dreamed of getting her hands on Ethan Booker for the last ten years, she would love nothing more than to experience all he has to offer for one night, but working up the courage to act on her desires is another story. She knows they run in different circles, she is the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, who has nothing to offer the wealthy town sheriff, but no matter how hard she tries to ignore him he always seems to find a way to sneak under her radar and have her craving a little one on one time with him...

This story had me completely enthralled right from the start and had me flying through the pages, and staying up well past my bedtime to devour every little enticing page!! The moment the good sheriff wandered onto the page I knew things were about to get hot, and boy oh boy did they, the man exudes an undeniable sex appeal that will have you weak in the knees the moment you meet him. There is just something about a smooth, dirty talking man in uniform that I cannot deny, each sexy word he uttered hit me to the core, made me blush, and had me swooning like a fool! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent with good sheriff and his very lucky lady, they treated me to one hell of a literary escape, and left me looking forward to more!! Highly recommend!!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.

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