Something New From Stacey Kennedy!!

Tied To His Betrayal
Series: Dirty Little Secrets #2
Author: Stacey Kennedy
Publisher: Loveswept
Red's Rating: 5 AMAZING STARS!!

Taylor Erickson is a woman on a mission, a mission to rebuild her life, take back completecontrol of it, and she no longer intends to let a man dictate anything in her life. She's ready to push the restart button on it, find herself again, and discover the happiness she knows she deserves... without the help of a man! But the minute her old flame learns she has returned home, he stops by to see her, and the instant he sees the bruises on her face he decides to make it his mission to keep her safe. Not realizing his "helping" is causing her more harm than good... and now the two of them are thrust into an environment neither were prepared for, and soon things start to heat up!!

Darius Bennett is a man who likes control, every detail of his life is planned down to the letter, and he allows nothing to distract him from his goals... that is until Taylor Erickson wanders back into his life. Seeing her again stirs up old feelings, and soon has him acting out of character, and it scares the hell out of him. He doesn't do forever, feelings, or relationships and that is exactly where they are heading and he is ready to run the other direction like he has so many times before, but this time is different, it's Taylor and she is just too damn hard to let go of again...

I have been dying to get back to this series!!! So, the minute I saw this book was available for review I had to request it, and boy oh boy am I happy that I did... it was FREAKING AMAZING!!!! There is just something about the men of the Dirty Little Secrets Series that intrigues me, the instant I met them I was left craving more, I mean what is not to love about gorgeous, rich, compassionate, powerful men, who will go above and beyond to make sure the women in their lives are completely content!! The moment Mr. Bennett appeared on the page he had my undivided attention, and had me salivating for more... and I loved every minute of what he had in store for me!!! He totally won me over with his seductive one liners, secret tender side, smooth arrogance, and unwavering dedication to see to it that Taylor was well taken care of... all I can say it that Taylor is a VERY lucky woman!! Once again Ms. Kennedy has pulled out all the stops and created a truly rapturous read that is sure to leave readers in a state of complete satisfaction... and maybe a little envious too!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.

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