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Author: Alison Bliss

Series: A Perfect Fit, #2

On Sale: June 27, 2017

Publisher: Forever

Mass Market: $7.99 USD

eBook: $5.99 USD

Audio: $22.98

Big girls don't cry. They go after what they want.

Thanks to her bangin' curves, Valerie Carmichael has always turned heads-with the exception of seriously sexy Logan Mathis. Just Valerie's luck that the object of her lust-filled affection is also best friends with her overprotective brother. But Valerie's determined to get Logan's attention…even if it means telling a teeny little lie to get a job at his new bar. 

Logan can't remember a time when Valerie didn't secretly fuel all his hottest fantasies. Now the curvaceous she-devil is working behind his bar, tempting him every damn night. It's only when he finds Valerie's naughty things-to-do list that Logan decides to break every rule in the book-by making each red-hot deed a reality. 

No one warned them that they were going to fall this hard. And no one warned them that sometimes the smallest secrets can have the biggest consequences.





Alison Bliss CREDIT Julie Abston Photography

Alison Bliss grew up in Small Town, Texas, but currently resides in the Midwest with her husband and two sons. With so much testosterone in her home, it's no wonder she writes "girl books." She believes the best way to know if someone is your soul mate is by canoeing with them because if you both make it back alive, it's obviously meant to be. Alison pens the type of books she loves to read most: fun, steamy love stories with heart, heat, laughter, and usually a cowboy or two. As she calls it, "Romance...with a sense of humor."

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Valerie Carmichael needed a drink. A strong one. Because it was the only way she envisioned herself getting through the night.

An elbow nudged into her side, bringing her thoughts back to the crowded bar. “I can’t see anything through all of these people,” Brett said, scanning the room with his eyes. “Come on, let’s go to the other side so I can get a better view.”

Sighing, Valerie trudged behind him without a word.

When Brett had asked her to attend the grand opening of Bottoms Up, a new bar in their hometown of Granite, Texas, she’d hesitated to say yes. Sure, she was curious what the inside of the recently remodeled bar looked like and had no doubt the place would be jam-packed with handsome, available men. But it was still the last place on earth she wanted to be.

She knew better than to hang out in bars with her older and only—thank God—brother. Every time she’d done so in the past, the nights had always ended the same way. Brett would spend the entire evening hovering over her like a rabid pit bull, daring any single guy with a glint in his eye to look her way. Because Valerie turned heads. She always had.

Oh, she wasn’t silly enough to believe she looked like some gorgeous supermodel with a lean, trim figure or anything. She definitely didn’t. But she had a pretty face, banging plus-size curves, and a lively personality. And that was good enough for her. Valerie was just…Valerie. And damn proud of it.

Across the room, Sam and Leah emerged from the dense crowd, with a beer bottle for him and a glass of water for her. Apparently, Leah was still on that damn diet and counting calories so she would fit into her wedding dress. Though why she didn’t just buy the dress in a larger size was beyond Valerie.

Leah blinked at the sight of her. “Val? What are you doing here? You said you weren’t coming.”

Valerie shrugged. “I changed my mind.”

“Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah, sure. Why?”

“When you said you didn’t want to go out, I assumed you were sick. You never turn down a night out.” Leah placed her palm lightly against Valerie’s forehead. “You sure you don’t have the flu or something?”

Valerie laughed and pushed her friend’s hand away. “Oh, stop it. I just didn’t feel like getting dressed up. I’m getting tired of the whole bar scene.”

Then Valerie’s heart stopped, along with her lips. Oh God.

Brett stood there talking to a tall, dark-haired man who had one thumb hooked in the front pocket of his jeans while he leaned comfortably against the wall with his right shoulder. She couldn’t see the other guy’s face, but she didn’t need to. Valerie recognized all six feet, two inches of him. Logan Mathis.

Valerie Carmichael has had a thing for her brother's best friend since she was a teenager, but no matter how hard she tried to catch his eye back then he always seemed uninterested in what she had to offer... and it hurt like hell! He left town long ago, and she has since moved on, but her crush on him has remained constant, and while she knows it's stupid to still want him, she just can't seem to let it go. When she learns he is making a return to town, she decides it's finally time to face this thing head on, she is going to make her feelings for him well known, and finally get him to see her in a new light... and when he does he won't know what the hell hit him!!

Logan Mathis knows it is wrong has hell to want his best friends little sister, but he just can't help himself, she has lived in his fantasies long enough... he wants the real thing now! So, when she makes her move, he doesn't resist, and he falls hard for the curvy blonde beauty. But when his best friend catches him with his sister he realizes the gravity of his choice... now he must decide if risking his friendship for the sake of love is worth it?

One paragraph in and I was immediately pulled back into the little town of Granite, and beyond thrilled for the opportunity to revisit some of my favorite residents, and also get a glimpse at a few new ones too. Ms. Bliss does such an amazing job of developing relatable and likable characters that you can't help but get attached to them, the moment I met Valerie (in the first installment) I thought man this is a girl I would love to have as friend, she's sassy, ballsy, and totally my kind of people. And upon further inspection I have to say my instincts about her were spot on, her story was thoroughly entertaining, she had me laughing, smiling, and cheering her on the whole way through. This series has been quite the revelation for me, it's been quite inspiring, and as a fellow curvy girl I appreciate seeing curvy girls getting their time in the spot light, even if it is in a fictional sense! It's nice to read a story once in a while when the heroine can walk onto the page, be comfortable in her own shell, be soft when she needs to, and still find the power to make even the toughest alpha weak in the knees... when Valarie strolled into Logan's world he didn't know what hit him! I highly recommend you get your hands on this book, Valerie and her sexy alpha are sure to take you on one hell of a literary escape!!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.




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