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X Marks The Spot
By: Opal Carew
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Releases: 04/03/2018
ISBN: 9781250116802
256 Pages

Opal Carew takes desire to a whole new level in her latest erotic, standalone romance! 

Abi has been in love with Del for years, but they never got around to acting on their mutual attraction. And then she met and married his best friend, Liam.

But when Abi and Liam's marriage falls apart, Abi decides to take control of her life and find her happily-ever-after with Del. So when they're all staying in a country inn for her brother's wedding, Abi decides to slip into Del's bed and seduce him...except she accidentally ends up in Liam's instead.

Liam never stopped loving Abi, and he plans to use every blazing hot trick in his book to keep her in his bed...even if it means sharing her with Del.

X Marks the Spot is emotional, sexy, and is Opal Carew at her best!

Opal Carew 
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Opal Carew is the author of Total Abandon, Pleasure Bound, Twin Fantasies and other erotic romance novels. “So why do I like writing erotic romance?” she asks. “I like being able to push beyond traditional boundaries.” Opal loves crystals, dragons, feathers, cats, pink hair, the occult and all that glitters. While she writes, she listens to inspirational music, lights candles and keeps crystals near. Before devoting herself to her passion as a writer, Opal spent 15 years as a software analyst, and she has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. She lives with her husband and two sons in Ontario, Canada.


The idea of crossing paths with her gorgeous longtime friend Del at her brothers wedding has Abi nervous and excited, it has been a while since they have seen one another, and the last time wasn't on the best of terms. Abi's marriage was coming to an end, she was dealing with some of devastating news, and Del was there to help her sort things out. She has always been able to count on him, and has always harbored feelings for him, but he friend zoned her years ago, so she moved on and married his best friend. And while she loves Liam, she knows their marriage is never going to recover, so it's time for her to move on, and she knows exactly who she wants to move on with... Del, now she just has to convince him it's the right move for them.

But before she has a chance to make her feelings known to Del, Liam walks back into her life and her bed and muddies the waters... and leaves her wondering if she is doing the right thing. And with the right man...

X Marks the Spot is an intriguing, seductive, and emotional tale that is sure to have romance readers addicted from the first page! Within the pages of this one, you will meet a troubled woman who has deep feelings for two men; one who she is married to and hoping to divorce soon, and the other, a best friend who she harbors feelings for, and wants to make known. But these two men have plans of their own, and once they share them with her, she is left beyond confused, she thought it was a cut and dry situation, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Both want a life with her, and she can't decide which one to walk away from and which one to walk to... and man o' man was it fun to watch it all unfold... it produces an ending that you will never see coming! I really enjoyed this one, love triangles are my favorite trope and I have to say this one definitely rivaled some of my absolute favorites; it stirred the emotions, made me blush, and kept me entranced from start to finish!! Highly recommend this one, it's sure to scorch your fingertips and curl your toes!!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and voluntarily read and review.


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