New Release Day!!

One of my favorite authors, Julie Brannagh, has a new book releasing today, and I think it is one you should DEFINITELY add to your "one-click" list! It is the 5th installment in her Love and Football Series, and I have to tell you that it is a HIGHLY satisfying read!!

No one does football romance stories quite like Ms. Brannagh! With each new addition to the "Love and Football" series she continues to surprise me and also reaffirms my belief that she is a master at her craft! 

Just when I think I've found my favorite character in the series she introduces me to a new player in the game that sweeps in and changes my mind. Seth Taylor not only captured Jillian's heart, but cemented a special place in mine too. I truly enjoyed reading Seth and Jillian's story, it was truly the perfect romance story! It made me laugh, shed a tear or two, left me with a permanent smile on my face, and had me blushing a few times too, & for me it doesn't get much better than that! Jillian is the first female character in the series to really resonate with me, she was feisty, witty, honest, realistic and quite inspiring too! As for Seth... I'll just say he was QUITE inspiring too! 

If you like good heart-ed alpha males who happen to play football, this is DEFINITELY the series for you! It's guaranteed to leave a smile on your face, and a new book boyfriend in your heart! Hands down best football romance series out there!


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