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Here is another recent read of mine, it was my first time reading this author's work and I think it was you definitely need to add to your reading list!! Very Good First Read!!

After discovering her boss has been stealing from his employer, Evie begins collecting evidence to back up her findings, and in doing so, involves herself into a little too much into his shady dealings, and puts her life in danger. To save herself and avoid putting her loved ones lives at risk she decides to fake her death and go on the run. After being in hiding for five years, assuming a new identity, and getting engaged to her fiance she finally starts to breath a small sigh of relief and has hope that she might finally be safe from her past. Little does she know someone has discovered her little secret, and plans to seek revenge. 

Riley lost the love of his life five years ago, and has been trying to avenge her death since the day she died. When his brother sends him a photo of his "dead" girlfriend and tells him she is in grave danger, he can hardly believe his eyes, and he immediately wants answers, but first he must to try rescue her before her past catches up to her. Can he win her heart back, or is the ring on her finger a sure sign that she has given her heart to another man...

This was my first read by this author and I can say with complete certainty that it will not be my last. This book grabbed my attention immediately and did not let go until the last page was turned. The story line was very inventive, very well written, and highly addictive. Being the second installment in the series, and not having read the first, I was concerned I maybe a little lost going in, but I am happy to report that wasn't the case at all! I believe this book could easily be read as a stand alone title, however, once you read this one, you'll be dying to know more about the other characters in the series!!! 

This is DEFINITELY one of the best NetGalley discoveries that I have read yet!!

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