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I had the privileged of reading this wonderfully tantalizing story a few weeks ago, and highly recommend you one click this one is soooo good!!!

Sometimes in life there are things you know you shouldn't do, but you just can't help yourself, and you end up throwing caution to the wind and doing them anyway... which is the perfect way to describe Cameron Lawson's world. Out on a celebratory night with friends Cameron decides to sow a few wild oats and kiss a perfect stranger, which is something that is out of character for her, but she does it anyway. She meets her mystery man at the bar, and after a few minutes of talking he not only encourages her to walk on the wild side but also offers up his lips to help Cameron out. One kiss then turns into a one night stand which leaves Cameron feeling slightly embarrassed, but she writes it off and figures she'll never see him again so no harm, no foul right...

The last thing Cameron expects to find on her first day of work is her mystery man from the night before, and what is even more shocking is the fact that he is her new boss's boss! She has invested so much into to getting this job, and doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize it, but the temptation to break the rules is almost more than she can bare...does she dare take a walk on the wild side again?

This book captivated my attention right from the start and had me burning right through the pages! The story line was very engaging and creative, and had a nice flow about it. This was my first time reading this authors work and I must admit that it left a very good first impression, so much so, I am adding her to my auto buy list!

Highly recommend this book, it will satisfy all of your reading needs. . . and then some!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest review.

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