Trying to Beat The Heat!!

Good Afternoon All,
Hope you all are having better weather than we are having here, we are going on three days straight of miserably hot and humid weather! I feel as though I have been transported down to the swamps in  Louisiana, don't know how those folks can survive that constant heat and humidity!! I guess the one benefit to this weather is that it has given me ample time to hibernate indoors, in the air conditioning, and work on my arc reading list! I started the weekend with 15 books to read, decreased it some on Friday and Saturday, only to receive a few more books on Sunday morning! I am now happy to report I have 11 awaiting my attention today! I have discovered some really great books over the weekend and some new authors too, I will attach the links to a few of them below so that you can add them to your Goodreads Reading List!!! Happy Reading Friends!!

Everything I Left Unsaid - By M. O'Keefe

Opposing the Cowboy - by Margo Bond Collins

Written on my Heart - By Cole Gibsen

Over the Top - By Rebecca Zanetti

Even the Score - by Kate Meader

If You Dare - By Jessica Lemmon

Trouble on Tap - by Avery Flynn


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