New From Kimberly Kincaid!!

Nick Brennan has moved away from everything he knows in hopes of trying to escape the loss of his career and best friend. The harsh memories from his past still haunt him from time to time but he has found a way to cope with them and try his best to go on with his life, That is until there is a fire at a local store and his instincts kick in and have him racing into the burning building to find a child trapped inside. After rescuing the child he is berated with reporters wanting to tell his story, and he of course would rather not speak of it at all. But when one particular reporter waltzes through the door he is hesitant about turning her away...

Ava walked out of Nicks life seven years ago, and didn't leave him with so much as a kiss good bye. She wasn't quite ready for things to become as serious as they did, so soon between them, so she did what she thought was right for both of them at the time...flee! She is here to see if she can land a career launching story about the hometown hero, and save her job. Question is, is that all she's after...

I have to say this was my favorite addition to the series, and was the perfect story to end the series. Hearing that this was the last installment in the Pine Mountain series was a sad moment for me, because I have loved meeting all of these wonderful characters created by Ms. Kincaid. However, learning that she will be branching out from this series to revisit the town of Fairview and introduce us to the firefighters of the Fairview Firehouse definitely makes up for it. I look forward to this upcoming series, and getting a up close view of these new characters. 

I highly recommend you add the Pine Mountain series to your reading list, each story is well crafted, highly entertaining and filled with some very memorable characters that will leave you with a warm heart and smile on your face!





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