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To some Alexandra Dempsey is working in a environment that she has no business being in, and to others she is a lone heroine conquering demon's in a man's world. But if you ask her she is right where she was always meant to be, fighting fires with her brothers, and following in the footsteps of her father. Being a part of this world has made her a little brash, tough as nails, taught her how to dish it out with the best of them and also left little room for her to tap into her femininity. She is ready to find her one true love, and settle down, the problem is, she keeps dating men who are intimated by her and the work she does, or their just out to score a night with the famed female firefighter. 

Being a female firefighter has it perks of course, but it also has it downfalls too, like meeting people who think she isn't cut out for her line of work, and one of those people is Chicago's mayor Eli Cooper. Eli is a former marine, ex-lawyer, and total alpha male, and he believes men should take care of women, and he has strong opinions about women working in "men's world's". So, when he meets Alex he is quick to point out his dislike for her being a firefighter, and she is quick to point out that she doesn't give a crap what he thinks or how he feels about her line of work. He does however, have a soft spot for her, and every time they are near each other he has a hard time controlling himself, the woman drives him crazy in more ways than one!

With an upcoming re-election on the line Eli decides to proposition the famed firefighter, and woman who saved his life, in hopes of scoring more points with voters. The public likes seeing them together in the spot light and so he creates a sneaky little plan to re-earn the trust of voters and also hopes it will have her falling right into his lap...

This was my first experience with the "Hot In Chicago" series, and I have to say that I LOVED it! I am now planning on reading the other installments in the series so I can better acquaint myself with these hot firefighters!! I highly recommend you do the same, and meet the men, and woman, of Engine Co. 6!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Gallery, Threshold Pocket Books, in exchange for a honest review.





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