New Series From Jacie Floyd!!

Wyatt Maitland comes from a life of wealth and privilege, and is continuously trying to protect himself from people who want to take advantage of him for that very reason, which leads him to be skeptical of every woman he meets. But when he meets Kara Enderley he thinks he may have finally met someone who isn't after him for his wealth, she intrigues him and makes him feel things he has never felt before. They agree to a no strings attached kind of relationship, and meet up whenever their schedules permit, and everything is going well for them until Kara finds out she is pregnant. She knows that Wyatt has no interest in being a father so she decides it is time to end things between them and slip away quietly. Wyatt is left confused, but does his best to move on, but he just can't let go of Kara...

Kara Enderley has suffered more loss in her life than most, and has been wandering through life aimlessly hoping to find something to help her heal from the loss of her husband and child. When she begins seeing Wyatt she begins to see her old self returning and begins to feel like she may be able to find love again. She even begins to consider motherhood again, she longs to have a child of her own again, only Wyatt has no interest in being a parent. So, when she finds out their little rendezvous has left her pregnant with his child, she feels she has no other choice then to walk away from him, and keep their baby a secret for the time being. What she doesn't expect is for him to show up on her doorstep three years later and wanting to know why she has been avoiding his calls...

This was quite a enjoyable read for me, the story line captured my attention right from the start and held on tight until the very end! I got so wrapped up in the story that I ended up having myself a little reading marathon, and polished it off in a day! Ms. Floyd has created some very entertaining characters in this series, and I look forward to revisiting the series and getting better acquainted with each of them. I highly recommend you acquaint yourself with the men of the Billionaire Brotherhood Series, they are sure to leave you with a happy heart and smile on your face!! 

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