How Forever Feels Releases Tuesday!!

Maya McKay is trying to put her life back together after a devastating divorce, she thought she had found her soul mate, but boy was she wrong! She desperately wants a family and is willing to do just about anything to have it, even if that means having a child with a man she doesn't think is her "one". But that plan gets put on hold when Jack Rhodes walks back into her life, and brings a little spark into her life she never noticed before. 

Jack Rhodes has been in love with Maya for over four years, the problem was that she was his brothers wife, but now that they are divorced and he's back in town all bets are off. Jack has his reservations about making a move on Maya for fear of losing his families love and support, but the more time he spends with her, the deeper he falls for her...

This was my first encounter with this authors work and I have to admit that I really enjoyed it, so much so, I plan to revisit the series in the near future and read the remaining installments. I really enjoy reading second chance love stories and this one DEFINITELY hit the mark! Highly recommend you add this book to your reading list, it's sure to satisfy all your reading needs, and then some! 

ARC requested through Netgalley, and kindly provided by Random House Publishing Group in exchange for a honest review.





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