Seven Sins Out Today!

The Seven Sins Anthology features seven sinfully delightful stories that are sure to satisfy every readers appetite. Each short, but oh so sweet and tantalizing story is packed with heat and sizzle, and I thoroughly enjoyed every single minute I spent reading each one of them!! These seven authors are masters of their craft and sure know how to write stories that make you want to embrace your sinful side!! Definitely one of the best anthologies that I have ever read!!

Blaze For Me comes from author Natalie Anderson, it is my first time reading reading something from this author, and I have to say it left one heck of a good first impression, so much so, I plan to read other books in the series. Austin and Nikki's story grabbed my attention right from the start and had me dying to read more!! One Spicy Little Read!!

Glutton For Punishment is a hilarious little read that comes from author Amy Andrews. The heated banter and flirty one liners between Darcy and Mitch were priceless, and had me laughing out loud a time or two! Ms. Andrews stories are always sure to entertain!!

Burned From Lust comes from another new to me author named Michele de Winton. I was pleasantly surprised with this one, it was hot and spicy in all the right places and satisfied all my reading needs and then some!! I loved Lee, she is tough as nails and she can definitely handle her own against the tough alpha male biker Hade Corban!! 

Sleeping with the Enemy comes from one of my favorite authors, Ms. Robin Covington. Her stories always come with an authentic feel, rich with heartfelt content and brimming with sizzle and intense passion. I was immediately connected to Kat and Derek's story, and have a feeling they will be lingering with me for a long while! Loved this story, and genuinely hope to see more baseball stories from Ms. Covington!! 

Princess Sin comes from another favorite author of mine Ms. Avery Flynn. With every story she writes she gives readers exactly what they want; addictive story lines, feisty dialog, toe curling sex scenes and characters that steal your heart! I have yet to read a story by this author that I didn't absolutely love, and this one is nothing short of fantastic!! Cyn and Hunter are sure to have you reaching for a fan!!!

Accidentally Sinful is a hot and oh so spicy read from author Carmen Falcone. I have read stories from this author in the past so I was expecting something hot and spicy, and I have to say this one definitely exceeded my expectations!! Tiffany and Santiago pulled me into their world almost immediately, and had blushing almost the whole way through!! Scorching hot little read, sure to satisfy!!

How to Seduce a CEO comes from another new to me author Ms. Talia Hunter. This one was a perfect introduction to this author for me, it had everything I could ask for in a story and then some. I love it when authors develop strong female characters that can stand toe to toe with the alpha male lead, and I have to say Angel fit this role perfectly! She was tough and knew just how to keep Marcus in line...definitely a very impressive first read for me!!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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