Can't Hold Back Out Today!!

Nate Riordan is a broken man who is in need of help, he is relying on pain killers to numb the pain of his injury and the loss of his friend. He has returned stateside, only to discover he doesn't really have a home to return to. He's suffering from survivors guilt and feels like he owes it to his friend to take care of his friends family, so he steps in to help, and begins to put their needs in front of his own, and ends up adding more stress to his life than he can handle. He is in need of an escape, so when another friend invites him to a veterans retreat he jumps as the chance to have a little escape, not expecting to find himself face to face with a woman from his past...

Alia Drake has always had a crush on Nate, but instead of making a move for him, she let her sister have a chance with the sexy soldier, and it's something she has always regretted. So when he walks back in to her life a part of her is hoping for a second chance with him, but the other part of her, the therapist side of her, says it's inappropriate to make a move on a patient. When she begins to see how much he is suffering, and how much he needs someone in his life, she begins to cross lines she knows she shouldn't, but she just can't help herself...

This story really struck a cord with me, and drew me right into the character's lives, which made it really hard for me to put this book down, it was so addictive!. The story was intense, passionate, thought-provoking, heartbreaking, and gave me a true glimpse of what life is like for soldiers returning home, and the struggle they go through to readjust to civilian life. Definitely a series everyone should add to the top of their reading lists, it is sure to satisfy all of your reading needs and then some!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Random House Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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