New Hot and Spicy Read From Desiree Holt!!!

Jake Russell lives for football, it has always been the one thing in his life that has kept him grounded, given him a sense of purpose.and what he feels defines him as a man. So, when a bad tackle leads to a serious season ending injury, he is left completely devastated and unsure of what the future holds for him. He has poured so much of himself into his career, and to have it all taken away in a blink of an eye, is almost more than he can bare, it has made him become a very bitter man not ready to let go. Ivy, his sister, knows her brother well, she sees him slipping into the darkness, and knows that this injury could potentially ruin him, and she is desperate to pull him out of his misery. She knows he needs more help than she can provide, so she sets out to find someone who can not only be there to help him physically, but also someone who can keep him from completely shutting down mentally. She has a perfect person in mind for the job, but she is not sure Jake would approve... but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

Erin Bass despises football players, especially when it comes to them and romantic entanglements. She has been there and done that and has the broken heart to prove it. But for some un-explainable reason, or just the effects of way too much alcohol, she finds herself in bed with her best friends brother, and star football player, Jake Russell. When morning rolls around, and she realizes her lapse in judgement, she's bound and determined to get him out of her bed as quick as possible. But Jake seems to think they may have stumbled onto something good, but Erin is still hurt from her last round with a football player, and has no interest in making a return visit, so she sends Jake packing. So, when she finds out her best friend has tricked her into looking after her brother after he gets hurt on the field, she is ready run...but when she realizes all football players aren't the same it's got her reconsidering her options.

This was my first experience with Ms. Holt's work, and all I can say is WOW, I absolutely LOVED every minute of this story! After reading the brief description I knew it was going to be good, but it exceeded my expectations and left me dying to read more of her books!! Jake and Erin's story captured my attention right from the start and didn't let go until long after the last page was turned. Some of my all time favorite romance stories involve football players, and I have to say Jake has definitely earned himself a spot at the top of that list!!

I HIGHLY recommend you get your hands on this hot little read, and meet Jake, he's sure to put a permanent smile on your face, and score a special place in your heart!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Kensington Books in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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