Emergency Delivery (Love Emergency #2) by Samanthe Beck Is Out Now!!

Being filled with with grief and loneliness left Madison Foley vulnerable to the advances of a rather unsavory character who solely saw her as someone who had the funds to feed his many addictions. And unfortunately for her she didn't come to her senses, and see just what he was doing to her until he had literally taken everything she had to offer, and left her unexpectedly pregnant and once again alone. Determined not to fail her baby she focuses on her work, saves every penny she makes, and starts looking for a safe place for them to live, but fate decides to step in and derail her plans. After a minor car accident, she finds herself giving birth in her car on the side of the road, and at the mercy of a very handsome paramedic determined to save the day...

The moment Paramedic Hunter Knox laid eyes on the helpless mother about to give birth, he felt something inside of him shift, and his need to play her personal hero was set in motion. After delivering her to the hospital, and ensuring her and her baby were safe, he thought his part of the job was over, but something about the situation kept digging at him. He finds himself constantly worrying about her and wondering if she's was doing alright on her own, and knows the only way he is going to be able to let this go is to see her again. So, the minute he finds out she's landed herself in the hospital again, he's there in an instant, and ready to be her personal hero all over again...

From the moment I started this story I knew it was going to be one of those reads that I once I got started I would not be able to put down, until all my questions had answers and the last page was turned...and I was totally right, I devoured this sexy little tale in one sitting!! Barely a paragraph into it and I was completely submersed into Hunter & Madison's world, and completely transfixed by every spoken word, and left with an insatiable desire for more...and boy did I find it! I have a thing for alphas who like to play hero, and I have to say Hunter definitely earned a spot amongst my favorites, there is just something so unbelievably sexy about a determined man that will go above and beyond to protect the woman he loves! This was my second visit to this series, and I have to say it just keeps getting better as it goes along... I think it's safe to say Ms. Beck is onto to something here, and has definitely found her literary sweet spot with these well crafted, and undeniably sexy paramedic heroes!! I can't wait to see what she has in store for them next!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing LLC in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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