Need You for Mine (Heroes of St. Helena #3) by Marina Adair Hits Shelves Today!!

Harper Owens is quite certain that the universe is working against her, and trying to force her into becoming a eternal bachelorette, with a large collection of male friends. Every time she takes an interest in a man, and thinks she might have found her prince, he quickly shifts her over to the friend zone without giving them a chance. While she appreciates their friendship, she's starting to get fed up with no one wanting to see past her sunny disposition and see that she has more to offer, like a inner sex vixen, just waiting to be released. You would think with one working in a lingerie store that they would be able to lure the men in rather easily, especially with the added sex appeal, but for some frustrating reason Harper just can't find a man that views her as anything but a nice wholesome art teacher... except for the one man Harper has no interest in at all! When Adam Baudouin waltzes into her life, and tries to convince her to let him help her unleash her inner sex kitten, she turns him down flat, she is not interested in being just another woman in a long line of one night stands... but the sexy firefighter isn't one to give up so easily!!

Firefighter and resident bad boy Adam Baudouin is quite use being showered with women's affections, and has never had to worry about a shortage of women willing to take him home for the night. He's has a "no strings attached" policy, and is quite proud of his track record thus far...that is until a sexy art teacher catches his eye, but isn't so willing to give him a chance, for fear of being just another notch on his famous record. When they are thrust together into a faux relationship though, they have no choice then to spend time together, and Adam is quick to notice that there is more to the innocent teacher than what meets the eye. He is bound and determined to convince her to give him a shot, but she isn't so receptive, and just tries to just keep things in their "relationship" strictly for show. But little by little Adam begins to work his way into her life, and convinces her to take things up a notch, even though he knows that he's not capable of giving her wants she wants, but he just can't help himself. He knows she deserves to have someone who can give her more than two weeks of fun, but there's just something about this extraordinary beauty that keeps drawing him in and has him wanting to change his wild ways. Now he just has to find a way to prove to her that he can really be the man she's longing for...

The minute I started this read I was instantly wrapped up into the lives of these quirky and lovable characters, they captured my attention from the get go, and transported me to a place of true literary bliss!! The relationship that transpired between Adam and Harper may have started out as something of a farce, but it quickly grew into something beautiful, inspiring, and oh so sexy!! The chemistry between these two was undeniable from the start, and with each page I turned it continued to grow with heat and intensity, and spawned quite a few smexy toe curling encounters that left me blushing... and a little envious! Once again I find myself in awe of Ms. Adair's writing talents, she always manages to create stories that leave me with a happy heart and a genuine feeling of complete literary satisfaction!! I absolutely loved everything about this book, and I am quite certain if you give it a try you will too, Adam is destined to steal your heart and linger with you love after the last page is turned!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Montlake Romance in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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