Serving Trouble (Second Shot #1) Is Out Today!!

Josie Fairmore left Forever five years ago armed with a full ride to college and in search of what she hoped to be a start at a better life for herself. She wanted to prove to her family and the residents of Forever that she was far better than the rumored reputation they labeled her with, and was on a mission to not let her past mistakes define her future. But after a devastating loss, leads to another failed relationship, and some unforeseen debt, she is left with no other alternative then to leave college and return home. The idea of returning home, and having nothing to really show for the last five years is almost more than she can bare, but she knows her options have ran out, and this is really her last resort. With her with debt looming, she knows she needs to find a job fast, so she turns to the one person she knows she can count on to help her and not pass judgement. The problem is the last time she saw him he broke her heart, and she is afraid that her lingering feelings for him may have her heart betraying her once again...

Noah Tagart returned home from overseas armed with lots of regret and the feeling that he let a lot of people down. His hometown welcomes him home with open arms, and is quite proud of their hometown hero, often wanting to boast about his accomplishments, but Noah would rather not discuss any of it. What was supposed to be a way to help out his family, turned out to be one of the worst experiences in his life, and he would love nothing more than to leave it buried in his past. He is ready to move on, and is ready to focus on finding his happily ever after with the girl who walked away with his heart five years ago, and now that she has returned home he plans to do all he can to keep her Forever permanently. But Josie isn't so willing to turn her heart over to the man who broke it all those years ago...

Nothing wins me over like a alpha football player with a gentle heart or a strong and capable soldier coming to the rescue, and with this story I feel like I got the best of both worlds, Noah completely stole my heart from the get go and had me swooning like a fool the whole way through. After meeting Josie and Noah in Running Wild, I have been dying for the opportunity to make a return visit to Forever and see just what Ms. Stone had in store for these two well crafted characters. This story immediately pulled me right back into the thick of things and had me flying right through the pages in search of answers to the questions that have been lingering with me for the last few weeks... and staying up well past my bedtime to find them!! Ms. Stone has definitely outdone herself with this one, this addictive little read warmed my heart, kept me on the edge of my seat, and satisfied every one of my literary cravings!! Highly recommend you give it try, you will not be disappointed!!

ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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