Tie Me Down Tight (Breaking the Rules #2) by Cathryn Fox Hits Shelves Today!!

After being burned by her A-list actor ex-fiance, Angie Stanton decides it's time to put her defenses up and never let herself be lured in by another leading man again, they can't be trusted and she can't handle the false hope that they bring. With her heart still in healing mode she has sworn off all men for a while, but her friends keep trying to get her back on the proverbial dating horse again, they have even tried to get her to dabble in a little no strings attached fun at a BDSM club they frequent...but that just isn't her style. What she would really like to find is a down to earth country boy who is looking for someone to settle down with and create a life with, but as long as she is living in New York she knows she'll never find that, and she has begun to except that fact, as tough as it may be. Her friends decide to throw her a birthday party, in hopes of taking her mind off of her broken heart, but seeing them all paired up with someone just seems to magnify the fact that she is alone, and probably will be for a while, but a night of no strings attached fun sure sounds appealing right now... and she might just get her wish, when a handsome cowboy strolls through the door and offers to be her birthday gift for the night!

Dylan Brooks is completely out of his element, his cousin has mistakenly booked two entertaining gigs for one night and has asked him to cover one of them for him, which currently has him dressed as a cowboy with the intent to give the birthday girl a good time. While the acting part comes natural to him, the entertaining part has him sweating bullets, and wanting to run for the door, but once he lays eyes on the birthday girl, he begins to find his groove. There is something about her that has him doing things that are totally out of his character, but damn if it isn't fun. After a few passionate laced kisses, he's ready to follow her to the ends of the earth, so when these kisses lead to a offer for one night of fun, he figures he'll take whatever he can get... but he soon realizes one night might not be enough!!

Once again Ms. Fox has created a gem of a story that pulled me in from the first sentence and had me immediately submersed into a world of complete literary bliss!! There was something about Dylan and Angie's that grabbed a hold of me and had me flying through the pages as fast as I could devour them, I ended up getting so wrapped up into their story that I polished it off in one sitting!! The chemistry between these two was filled with so much intensity that at times I swear I could literary feel the sparks passing between them, and the anticipation of each encounter they shared had me breathless and on the verge of combustion... and I can now say with complete certainty that nobody does sexy scenes quite like Ms. Fox!! I mean WOW!! If you like your fairy tales a little on the naughty side then I wholeheartedly suggest you acquaint yourself with the works of Ms. Cathryn Fox... the lady knows her stuff, and I guarantee that her sexy little stories are sure to satisfy every last one of your reading cravings...and then some!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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