You MUST meet Jase from The Billion Dollar Player (Billionaire's Club: Texas #2)!

Being on the football field is where Jase Blackwell does his best work, but here recently he has found himself in a little slump and not able to play to his full potential. He knows he needs to get his head right, and get his game back on track or he will sent to the bench and lose his starting spot on the team. With a chance at playing in the Super Bowl lingering his teammates don't want to lose their star tight end, so they suggest he find a little good luck charm, they figure one night with a lady and he'll back in rare form and ready to help take them to the big game. But Jase is tired of the usual money and fame hungry woman who line up for a night with the elusive "Billion Dollar Blackwell," he wants someone with substance, someone who challenges him. With his job on the line he decides to embrace their idea and starts scanning the crowd at their team party for his little good luck charm, but his mission is interrupted by a loud commotion created by a clumsy waitress. After hearing her being badgered by rude guests he decides to come to her rescue, and as soon as he lays eyes on her he knows she is the one...the perfect muse for his little mission. But as soon as he tries to set his plan in motion she turns him down flat...

Avery Lockhart's careful little life is knocked off it's axis the night she meets Jase Blackwell, never in her wildest dreams would she think he would be interested in her, let alone come to her rescue, but for some reason he is, and it's quite unsettling. She is flattered that he'd even talk to her, but she is certain it is just a sneaky ploy to land her in his bed, and she isn't so sure she wants to be just another faceless woman spending the night with the famous "Billion Dollar Blackwell", so she turns him down. But Jase just isn't taking no for an answer, and after unforeseen circumstances leave her stranded in front of his home, she has no other choice then to let him come to her rescue. Being in a car with him is almost more than she can handle, the close proximity to him is short circuiting her brain, and rattling her good sense, and as much as she tries to fight her attraction to him she still feels him sneaking past all her defenses...

Some of my favorite reads entail sexy smooth talking athletes, and I have to say that after a few sentences into this story I instantly knew Jase had found himself a place amongst my elite list of favorites!! His sexy one liners, caring demeanor, and charming personality totally won me over and had me swooning from start to finish!! If you haven't had a chance to meet Ms. Baxter's Billionaire alphas I must first tell you that you are totally missing out on some truly exceptional reading and also the opportunity to meet some extremely charming men that are destined to steal your heart! 

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