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Tempting Mr. Wrong

Series: Wrong Man #2
Author: Kerri Carpenter
Publisher: Entangled Publishing - Lovestruck
Red's Rating: 4 Swoony Stars 

With his military commitment coming to an end Lance Townsend is ready to start the next chapter of his life, and embrace whatever comes next. Being in the military for so long, and living a very structured life has taken a toll on him, and he is ready to jump head first into his newfound freedom. But before his new adventure starts he receives a lost letter from a fellow (now deceased) soldier, and he makes one small request for his friend, if anything happens to him he wants Lance to check in on his sister Carly and his daughter and make sure their doing alright. Which seems easy enough, that is until he's face to face with Carly, they have history, and the minute he sees her again he's reminded of what they had, and what he lost... now he just has to figure out how to convince her they deserve a second chance. 

The minute Carly Quigley opens the door and sees who is standing on the other side, her life takes a turn she never anticipated ... seeing Lance again is almost more than she can bare, he broke her heart a long time ago and she has never really gotten over it. But she can't really send him packing because he just so happens to also be her nieces godfather and he is there to fulfill a promise he made to her brother, so she reluctantly lets him back in. As much as she tries to avoid him, he keeps finding a way to sneak under her radar, and starts to find his way back onto her good side, and has her thinking things she thought were no longer in the cards for them... and it has her wanting to give him a second chance!

This was my first experience with Ms. Carpenter's work, and I have to say if left a pretty memorable first impression, her sexy soldier really lured me in, and had me at his mercy from start to finish, and swooning the whole way!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of Lance and Carly's story, it instantly grabbed my attention, and had me devouring the pages as fast as I could swipe them ... and staying up well past my bedtime just to see them get their second chance at a well deserved happily ever after. I've got to say it is definitely one of the most enjoyable first reads I have had in a while, and I look forward to submersing myself into more reads from this author in the very near future!! 

If your looking for a heartfelt read, with a sexy soldier at the helm, then look no further " Tempting Mr. Wrong" might just be the perfect read for you!! Lance is sure to steal your heart and have you swooning the whole way through!!

ARC requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing, LLC - Lovestruck in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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