First In A New Series from Cathryn Fox!!

Engaging the Bachelor

Series: Pulse #1

Author: Cathryn Fox

Publisher: Entangled Brazen

Red's Rating: 5 Oh So Sexy Stars!

When Carson Reynolds walks into the Score he swears his eyes are playing tricks on him, the woman who has been lingering in his mind for the last ten years is now standing before him, and is even more beautiful than he could have imagined she'd be. The moment their eyes connect everything they shared comes rushing back to him, like it just happened yesterday, and the spark that they shared all those years ago, is just as strong as it was then. He can feel himself being pulled backed in, and this time he's not letting her go... no matter how far she runs!!

Most think Gemma Carr knows her way around a bedroom, but the truth is she isn't nearly as experienced as everyone thinks she is, she just lets people believe that about her to keep them at arms length. She doesn't do feelings or relationships, and the minute things start to drift that way she's the first one headed for the door. So, the minute Carson unexpectedly walks back into her life after ten years, and the chemistry starts to boil just as hot as it did before, she is ready to leave him in the dust. But this time Carson is prepared, and he isn't about to lose her a second time, he wants his chance with her and will go to any length to have it...

Judging from the first few paragraphs of this one I knew I was about to embark on one hell of steamy literary escape, it started off on ten and just continued ramp up from there...Ms. Fox DEFINITELY turned up the heat on this one!!!! WOW!!! The moment Carson appeared on the page he caught my attention, and continued to hold it captive long after I said goodbye... and I have a feeling he continue to linger with me for a while!! Swoon!! He completely won me over his take charge attitude, smooth one liners, impeccable bedside manner, caring nature, and unwavering dedication to see to it that Gemma was taken completely taken care of... dare I say he was the perfect man! I loved meeting these two, and the their friends and I cannot wait to see what Ms. Fox has in store for all of them next!!! Loved every minute of this one!!

Highly recommend you meet Dr. Carson Reynolds, the minute he waltzes into your world he is sure to have you burning up and wishing for your very own house call from the good doctor with an impeccable bedside manner!!! 

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