It's Time to Meet the Easton's...

Chasing I Do

Series: The Easton's #1
By: Marina Adair
Publisher: The Adair Group

Red's Rating: 
5 Completely Blissful STARS

After having her heart broke into a million pieces by her fiance Darcy Kincaid couldn't bring herself to walk down the aisle, and put her, and their unborn child's, future in his hands. In the month's previous to their wedding, he had been unfaithful and made it known he wasn't ready for a child, and it was then she began to realize they just weren't meant to be together. So, she made the painful decision to walk away from him and their wedding, and made a plan to create a future for her and their child without him and his family. After having a lackluster childhood of her own, she knew there was no way she could put her child in the same situation, and knew leaving was the only way to ensure that. She has since found a way to provide a good life for them by restoring and re-opening Belle Mont Manor, Portland's once most glorious wedding venue, and her plan to put it back on the wedding venue map is starting to grow momentum and she has caught the eye of one of  Wedding Magazine. They want to offer her the June cover in exchange for planning a luxurious wedding for one of Hollywood's most notable couple's, and she is thrilled beyond belief and ready to sign on the dotted line... until she learns that it will put her right in the path of her past!

Gage Easton met the girl of his dreams in college, but she didn't seem to feel the same, so he decided to move one and date someone else and she ended up dating his twin brother. While it pained him to lose her to his brother, he was just happy to see her finally happy with someone who treated her right, and before long she had found her way into their family, and in their hearts. Then she surprised them all by walking away, and it caused his family more grief and pain then they ever thought possible. Her leaving devastated him the most, because he lost his best friend and the one person he could always turn to, and it was hard for him to know he'd never have that again... that is until she unexpectedly comes back into his life. Now he must find a way to get back what they had before and prove to her that he deserves a second chance...

The minute I started this beautiful story I felt an addiction start to settle in and it was pretty evident that I wasn't going to be able to walk away until I had devoured every last page... which quickly turned into a late night literary escape that left me in a complete state of bliss! From the moment I met Gage I knew it would only be a matter of time before he completely stole my heart, and true to my initial thoughts after a chapter or two he got me... hook, line and sinker!! The man radiated sex appeal, and that coupled with his good heart, protective & caring nature, and sultry one liners made him completely undeniable and oh SO desirable!!! The way he stepped in and showed Darcy that he wanted to be a permanent fixture in her and her daughter lives was not only admirable, but also something very beautiful to witness. This is BY FAR one of my favorite reads from Ms. Adair, not only did it have all the makings of a perfect romance story, but it was also the perfect start to a new series... that I can't wait to get my hands on and explore!! HIGHLY recommend you meet the Easton's they will pull you into their world, steal your heart, and have you never wanting to leave!!

ARC given in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.



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