Something New from Stephanie Haefner!!

One Size Fits All
Author: Stephanie Haefner
Release Date: July 4, 2016
Publisher: Gallery, Threshold Paperbacks
Red's Rating: 5 OH SO SEXY STARS!!

After a devastating divorce Penny Woodley is left struggling to find her way in life again, as a single woman, no longer backed with the financial security her husband once provided, and it is frustrating as hell. After five years of marriage this not where she thought she would be in life, she thought her future held babies and being a stay at home mom, but her husband chose a different path, one that lead him to the bed of another woman. So now she's starting over, with a place of her own, two jobs, a dog instead of a child, and no romantic life to speak of! She knows she is no where near ready to jump back into a committed relationship of any kind, however, she's not totally unopposed to a little no strings attached fun... and the minute her friends introduce her to famed playboy bachelor Theo Rublinski she knows he is the perfect man for the job! Problem is Theo is turning over a new leaf... one that doesn't involve one night stands!!

Theo Rublinski's reputation with the ladies precedes him, and at one point in his life he was damn proud of it, but now he wants something more for himself... something that sticks around past one night. So far though his little plan hasn't really panned out, so he's resorted to becoming something of a monk, spending his evenings alone on his couch, but that's all about to change! The minute his friends introduce him to newly single Penny Woodley he knows that they have chemistry, a chemistry that could lead to what he's spent the last few months looking for, problem is she doesn't want a relationship... 

This one was a first for me from this author, and I have to say I really enjoyed what I found, so much so I devoured it in one sitting!! Penny and Theo's story had it all, heated banter that left me smiling, steamy between the sheets action that left me hot under the collar, and toe curling romance that had me swooning and completely stole my heart!! It is a story of second chances that will have you in tears one minute, and smiling from ear to ear the next, one that is sure to tap into your emotions and pull on your heartstrings!! I thoroughly enjoyed Theo and Penny's story, and look forward to reading more of Ms. Haefner's books, she is definitely a master at her craft!! Highly recommend you add this one to the top of your summer reading list, it's sure to give you the feels!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Gallery, Threshold Pocketbooks in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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