Sexy New Series from Mira Lyn Kelly!

May The Best Man Win

Series: The Best Men #1
Author: Mira Lyn Kelly
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Released: August 2, 2016
Red's Rating: 5 Sexy Stars!

A long time ago Jase Foster fell for a girl, but his best friend fell for the same girl, so he did the honorary thing and stepped aside, but when the relationship ended, and trouble ensued it put a huge damper on his thoughts about the Emily Klein. From that point on his impression of her changed, and a extreme dislike settled in, the problem is they tend to run in the same circles and continually get thrown together in social settings all the time, so he usually just grins and bares it. But now that their friends have decided to move onto the next step in their lives, they keep calling on both of them to share their special days with them, and because the two share similar heights, they often find themselves walking down the aisle alongside one another. Which makes his plan to just grin and bare it harder and harder with each trip they take, and harder for him to keep his feelings about the past to himself. But every time he decides to voice his opinions he gets blinded by her beauty and mile long legs and it has him wanting to forego his discussion with her, for a little time between the sheets...

Emily Klein fell for a Eddie a long time ago, and when things started to change between them because of his odd behavior she tried to get his family and friends to intervene and help him, but her requests were ignored. So when she couldn't bare to stay in the relationship any longer she attempted to end things between them, and he took it hard and attempted to take their lives, and since then she has been blamed for his behavior and how things turned out. The brunt of the anger coming from his best friend Jase, and so she has always tried to avoid encounters with him, but they unfortunately run in the same social circles and constantly find themselves having to interact with one another, and Emily can't stand it! Everything about Jase infuriates her, if he would have just listened to her, things in the past would have never happened, but he didn't and she has never forgiven him for walking away from her. So, each time their near one another she has to bite her tongue... but before long her resistance to him becomes harder to maintain and soon she finds herself wanting things from him she never thought she want...

As soon as I saw the title for this book my interest was peaked, then I read the synopsis and I knew it was one I just HAD to read, and I am happy to report my initial instincts were spot on... it was a truly spectacular read!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent with these two, barely a chapter into it and I was hooked, and flying right through the pages on a quest to find what I hoped to be their well deserved happily ever after... and I found that and SO much more!!! This was my first experience with Ms. Kelly's work, and I have to say that she totally won me over with her endearing characters, and unique story line, and turned me into a fan!! I highly recommend you meet these two wonderful characters, their charming story is destined to touch your heart and leave you with a smile on your face!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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