A New Sinfully Sexy MUST Read From Joya Ryan!

Fake Engagement, Real Temptation

By: Joya Ryan
Publisher: Entangled Publishing LLC
Red's Rating: 
5 Sinfully Sexy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!


Oh. My. God. Carrie Morgan can’t escape her cheating ex fiancé. She goes on her Hawaiian honeymoon fantasy vacation to prove she’s over him—but he’s there with his mistress in tow. Good thing Carrie’s annoyingly over-protective friend Blake came with her. How’s she going to prove to her ex she’s over him? Easy. One… Two… Three… She grabs Blake and kisses him.
Blake Harris isn’t about to let anyone take advantage of his heartbroken friend Carrie. And that includes himself, even if she’s sexy as sin in that bikini. Then she kisses him—and he’s on fire. Damage done, but he can back off. Except he sees that broken look in Carrie’s eyes. No. Hell no. New plan. He intends to show her ex just what he’s thrown away.

The kisses? For show. The heat? Part of the performance. The private practice sessions? Uh-oh. Those are starting to feel a bit too real…




National and International Bestselling Author. Break Me Slowly: #1 Bestselling book in Contemporary Fiction and Women's Fiction!



After finding out her relationship was a sham, and her fiance had been cheating on her for over a year, Carrie Morgan decided to put the brakes on her wedding and skip out of town and go on their honeymoon without him. She figures the sun, sand, and long break away from it all will be the perfect way to get over him, and discover the woman she wants to be... but her little plan comes to a screeching halt when she bumps into her ex and his mistress at the resort. The cheating bastard is there to celebrate his new beginning and rub her nose in it... only she has a plan of her own, one that involves her brothers sexy best friend!!

When Blake Harris sees the hurt on Carrie's face he can't help but get involved, her worthless ex-fiance broke her heart and she has a plan to get over him, one that could be a little dangerous facing on her own, so he insists on tagging along to keep her safe. But once they are at the resort, and discover her ex is there to flaunt his knew beginning in their face, he decides Carrie's plan may need a little tweaking. He's sure his new plan will fix everything for Carrie, but after spending a day with her he realizes he may have gotten in way over his head...

Nobody does romance quite like Ms. Ryan, she has this special way of creating stories that not only speak to the hearts of her readers, but also inspire them to embrace their fantasies... and this one is the perfect example of that, and definitely one of her best to date. Carrie and Blake's story captivated my attention from the first page, and had me on the edge of my seat right up and until the last. It was brimming with passion, heartfelt emotion, and a smoldering heat that had me feeling the flames throughout. If you like your fairy tales filled with intense heat, heartfelt emotion, and equipped with a smoking hot alpha determined to fulfill your every desire, then I HIGHLY suggest you acquaint yourself Mr. Blake Harris... he's sure to leave you satisfied!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.


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