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Blush For Me
Series: Fusion #3
Author: Kristen Proby
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Red's Rating: 5 Amazing ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!


New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby continues to delight the senses with the latest novel in her delectable Fusion series.

As the take-charge wine bar manager of Seduction, Portland's hottest new restaurant, Katrina Meyers is the definition of no-nonsense, and she isn't afraid of anything. Well, almost anything: she hates to fly. When she's forced to travel on a death trap with wings, the turbulence from hell has her reaching for any safe haven—including the incredibly handsome guy sitting next to her.

Ryan "Mac" MacKenzie hasn't been able to get his sexy seatmate out of his head. The way she clung to him stirred something inside him he didn't think existed: tenderness. As the owner of a successful wine touring company, Mac thinks he's got a handle on what life can throw at him and he's not prepared for any surprises, especially in the feelings department. And when he brings a tour into Seduction, he sees the petite spitfire he just can't forget.

Mac is determined to discover what else they have in common besides fine wine and the inability to keep their hands off each other. But what will it take for two stubborn people to realize that what they have is so much more than a hot chemistry between the sheets and to admit to falling in love…?

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Here Is A Special Excerpt From Blush For Me:

Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s an old cliché, but I never realized just how true it is until this week. It’s flown by, touring vineyards and sitting in on classes during the day, and going to bed with Mac every night.

Every. Night.

The man can fuck like nobody’s business, bless him.

But now it’s our last day together. I’m not silly enough to think that we’ve fallen in love this week. I won’t pine for him after we leave here like a lovesick teenager.

But I will remember him fondly, and the amazing week we spent together in wine country. I guess it is rather romantic, even though a sexcation is anything but romantic.

“We’re here,” Mac whispers in my ear as the bus pulls up to our final vineyard for the week.


“Where were you just now?” he asks and drags his hand up and down my thigh. He makes me want to purr. The things this man can do with his hands should come with a warning label.

“I’m right here,” I reply.

“No, you were somewhere far away,” he murmurs.

“Just thinking about all the things I have to do when I get home,” I lie easily with a smile as we all file off the bus.

I’m not drinking much today. I’ve been beyond tipsy every day by the time we made our way back to the hotel, and while it’s been fun, I’m feeling the effects of too much alcohol.

I may not be over the crazy sex with Mac, but I’m quite over the wine, and that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say in my life.

“You’re far away again,” Mac says, smiling down at me and holding a wine glass out for me to take.

“Sorry.” I shrug. “It’s been an eventful week.”

His green eyes flare in lust. “Indeed it has.”

About Kristen Proby:

Kristen Proby

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kristen Proby is the author of the bestselling With Me In Seattle and Love Under the Big Sky series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong, humorous characters with a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type; fiercely protective and a bit bossy, and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves.

Kristen lives in Montana, where she enjoys coffee, chocolate and sunshine. And naps.

Her Links:

Here Is My Review Of Blush For Me:

Katrina Meyers never thought that her love of wine would cause her to face her biggest fear, but it has and now she finds herself strapped into her seat on the plane, ready for her first flight, and in complete panic mode. Her mind is flooded with every scary flight scenario she can imagine, she's struggling to find her next breath, and then all of a sudden a smooth and sexy voice hits her ears, and the panic starts to subside. And when she opens her eyes and finds the owner of that sexy voice sitting beside her, she can't help but be intrigued, he is beyond gorgeous and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her comfortable. Before long the sexy banter starts, sparks start to fly and she finds out her sexy seat mate is headed to the same wine convention she is, and that spawns a whole host of naughty ideas... could he be her new sexcation partner?

The instant Ryan "Mac" MacKenzie notices the panicked look on his beautiful seat mates face he senses she is a first time flyer, and he can't help but get involved. After some reassurance and a little conversation he soon finds himself completely taken with her, she is so unlike the women he usually dates, but that is the exact thing he likes about her, not to mention that she is sexy as hell. When he finds out that they are traveling to the same place he gets really excited at the idea of them spending the weekend together, and before long he is trying to figure out a way to make this little thing brewing between them last longer than the weekend.

After meeting all the ladies from Seduction in the first installment, Kat was the one that resonated with me the most, I liked her ballsy approach to everything that she does and her take no crap from anyone attitude, and the fact that she was a fellow redhead was definitely an added bonus! So, as soon as I saw that her story was available for review I had to request it, and learn more about this feisty redhead and have a front seat to watch her discover her well deserved happily ever after. After finishing it I have to say that it is now my favorite installment in the series, I loved every single minute I spent with these two. The moment their paths crossed the sparks began to fly, and before long they found that their love of wine wasn't the only thing they had in common...their little sexcation had my Kindle screen steaming over and me reaching for a fan!! 

If you have not had the chance to meet the ladies, and their sexy counterparts, from the Fusion series I highly recommend you remedy that immediately, not only are you missing out on some amazing reading, but also the opportunity to meet some truly unforgettable characters that are sure to leave a mark on your heart! 💝

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.

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