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Every Little Kiss
Series: Sequoia Lake #2
Author: Marina Adair
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Releases: July 18, 2017

There’s nothing that single mom Liv Preston won’t do if it means making her six-year-old son smile again. After a heartbreaking two years, her little family is due for some fun in the sun. She just didn’t expect to find it in the big, rugged, Search and Rescue hero next door—who shows her just how exciting, and sexy, life’s adventures can be.

As head of Reno’s K-9 search division, Ford Jamison knows what it takes to make life-and-death decisions on the fly. He doesn’t hesitate, doesn’t do regrets, and has never doubted his instincts—until he makes a promise that turns his world upside down. Desperate for redemption, he returns to Sequoia Lake, only to find himself face-to-face with his past…and the one woman he can’t have. Not when his secret would destroy her—and everything she holds dear.

For Liv, finding love once was a gift. Finding it twice seems impossible, until the moment Ford’s lips meet hers. Love doesn’t always come easy, but when it’s right, it’s worth fighting for…

Praise for Marina Adair’s It Started With a Kiss "The start of Adair’s Sequoia Lake series is perfect for fans of small-town romances. There’s a strong build-up of sexual tension, a heroine striving to be more capable and a clear sense of community and adventure.” —RT Book Reviews 

"Adair wrote a book of lost and despair, but also of hope, love and second chances. I was deeply moved with every page. I couldn’t have asked for more." —Under the Covers Book Blog “

"Honest, engaging, and refreshing…” —Harlequin Junkie

Marina Adair

Marina Adair is a #1 national bestselling author of romance novels. Along with the St. Helena Vineyard series, she is also the author of Sugar’s Twice as Sweet, part of the Sugar, Georgia series. She lives with her husband, daughter, and two neurotic cats in Northern California. She loves to hear from readers and likes to keep in touch, so be sure to sign up for her newsletter at

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The last two years of Liv Preston's life have been a constant struggle just to stay afloat, but she's never given up hope that things would return to normal for her and her young son. Two years ago she lost her partner in life, and her son lost his father, and it's taken a toll on both of them, but Liv has fought hard to keep it from completely swallowing them up. She moved them to her husband hometown Sequoia Lake for a fresh start, also hoping it would help her son feel closer to the father he lost. And so far, it's helped, but she is still keeping herself a little sheltered, focusing less on having fun, and more on working and keeping her son happy. She knows she needs to open up a little more, and consider letting someone in, but that would mean letting go of the memory of the love she once had, and truth be told that's a little scary. But when she meets her sexy new neighbor, she starts to see the appeal of letting love in again... and from where she is standing it is looking like a very good idea, all six foot plus inches of it!

Being head of Reno’s K-9 search division, Ford Jamison is always prepared to save the day of some unfortunate soul who has found themselves in trouble in the wilderness, they call and he is ready in a moments notice to handle the task... no matter the risk. But every once in a while things don't end on a happy note, and he's not able to save the day, and those are ones that really take a toll. Two years ago he made a promise to one of those unfortunate souls, and everyday since he has tried his best to carry out the man's last wishes, but when it winds up getting him in trouble he finds himself being sent to Sequoia Lake as punishment. And it's really the last place he should be... his past is lingering there and he isn't so ready to face it!

This book was nothing short of amazing! Ms. Adair can do no wrong when she puts pen to paper, this story is one of my absolute favorites from her to date!! The moment Liv and Ford wandered onto the page I was completely taken with them and their beautiful story... be prepared for some serious feels with this one, it had me near tears a couple of times! These two came together a little unconventionally, and their road to finding their happy ending was definitely a little bumpy at times, but it made for a VERY entertaining literary adventure. As the story unfolds you will be treated to quite a few laughs from their endless banter, lots of heartwarming moments that will give you the feels and plenty of steamy moments that will leave you blushing! Highly recommend you make time to meet Mr. Ford Jamison... the rugged and sexy alpha is certain to steal your heart!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.

ARC provided by Montlake Romance (via NetGalley):


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