Bad For Her By Christi Barth Hits Shelves Today!!

Bad For Her
Series: Bad Boys Gone Good #1
Author: Christi Barth
Publisher: Avon Romance
Releases: October 3, 2017

Doctor Mollie Vickers loves the tight-knit community of her tiny Oregon town. But she’s not a fan of the limited dating options. Sleep with a guy who tried to copy off her in junior high? Pass. Mollie’s sex life is flatlining… until a deliciously handsome man she’s never seen before stops to help her fix a flat tire.

As an ex-mobster, Rafe Maguire’s no saint. But he’s trying to turn over a new leaf. Although he probably shouldn’t kiss the hot doctor on the side of the highway. Or suggest a no-strings fling with a woman he has no business pursuing. Rafe’s life is too complicated for love—his new WITSEC-provided identity doesn’t fit him at all and there’s a U.S. Marshal watching his every move. He can’t tell Mollie the truth… but their chemistry is scorching and being good doesn’t mean he can’t be a little bad.

Mollie can’t resist the guy who looks rough, talks tough, and is loyal to the bone. But it’s obvious Rafe is keeping secrets. When the truth comes out, Mollie must decide if she could ever love an ex-mobster… or if this bad boy has truly gone good.

Every time they’d been dumped in a new town, the Maguire brothers made a list of all the ways the new town sucked compared to Chicago. Rafe didn’t like much about this new placement. Probably. Hell, he’d only been in Bandon for forty-eight hours. It’d rained for forty-seven of those hours, here on the Oregon coast. Seemed like everyone always bitched about the constant rain, and Rafe was happy to jump on the bandwagon. Even though it just made puddles, which cleaned themselves up. As opposed to the annual or three epic Chicago blizzards that broke your back with two solid days of shoveling out.

Rafe stopped himself. That wasn’t the happy, perky mindset Marshal Evans preferred. The one he’d promised her—again—an hour ago when he’d picked up the final version of his brother’s new license. It’d pissed him off to have to meet Delaney halfway between her office up in Eugene and his town. But it kept their cover secure. And part of him felt sorry for the government hack who’d spelled Kellan’s new name wrong the first time around. Guess they changed ’em so often it was hard to keep track. Hadn’t stopped his youngest brother from being pissy about the slipup, though.

The good thing about the almost pointless drive was his sweet-as-fuck ride. The one he’d conned the government into buying for him by pointing out that it cost less than an actual new car. Rafe had a sweet spot for classic cars. If he truly had to hunker down and build a life here? He’d damn well do it with his dream car.

A 1970 Chevrolet Camaro. With T-tops. The same blue as Lake Michigan on an August day.

Rafe wasn’t even speeding. For once. It was too much fun to listen to the smooth rumble of the engine, feel the cool May wind rushing in the open windows, and not worry about anything waiting for him back in their new town. No worries about remembering his name or his brothers’ names. No worries about doing a job he’d only played with as a hobby for fifteen years. No worries about whether anyone from their old life was on their trail.

For right now, he’d enjoy another half hour of pure freedom. The only thing that could make this better would be a hot blonde in the bucket seat next to him.

Hang on.

Rafe slowed. Then he stomped on the brakes. Because a Jeep sat half off the shoulder with a dark-haired woman kicking the flat tire.

A curvy brunette would do just fine.

It’d be wrong to drive past. Ungentlemanly. If Marshal Evans were here, wouldn’t she tell him to do his civic god damned duty and help his fellow Oregonian?

Sure she would.

Parking right at the nose of her Jeep, he got out. Tried to appear non-menacing. Which was the complete opposite of how he’d approached pretty much every situation for half his life. Hell, even the women he’d dated had known what he did and gotten off on the idea of his dangerous life.

The marshal had given him some pointers on how to come off as normal. One thumb tucked into the waist of his jeans, so it didn’t look like his fist was braced for action. Other arm relaxed at his side. She’d said something about a loose walk, but Rafe only knew one way to walk. To be safe, he stopped almost immediately.

“Hey there. Do you need some help?”

Christi Barth - credit to AmyJ Photo

USA TODAY bestseller Christi Barth earned a Masters degree in vocal performance and embarked upon a career on the stage. A love of romance then drew her to wedding planning. Ultimately, she succumbed to her lifelong love of books and now writes award-winning contemporary romance. Christi can always be found either whipping up gourmet meals (for fun, honest!) or with her nose in a book. She lives in Maryland with the best husband in the world. Learn  more at:

Rafe Maguire is a man with many names and many talents, which is what happens when you get put in Wit-Sec after reporting your ex-mob boss for his shady dealings... and while it is not the life he planned for himself and his's the life they now have indefinitely. Just when they start to feel like they can breath a sigh of relief, Marshal Evans shows up on their doorstep and informs them that they need to move to a new town and assume a new identity, and their latest stop is tiny little town in Oregon. And just when Rafe is about to declare this town a dud too, he meets a very sexy doctor alongside the road, and from there the sparks start to fly, and a little strings-free relationships ensues... but for how long?

Dr. Mollie Vickers has made Bandon, Oregon her home, and for the most part she loves it, the one downfall is that the nightlife is sparse, and unattached men are pretty much non-existent. But then when she finds herself stranded alongside the road, and hunky mystery man stops to help her out, she decides her luck with finding love might be changing! Question is once she learns about his past will she still be thinking luck is on her side?

Bad For Her was such a refreshing change of pace for me, I normally steer clear of mob-related reads because they aren't really my thing, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and embrace something new for a change... and boy am I happy that I did! The characters were fabulous, they had amazing chemistry, were very well written and researched, and completely stole my heart. This is the first offering in a new series from Ms. Barth, and after finishing I think it is safe to say I will be back for more!! It's one of those emotional roller coaster type reads, giving you moments of happiness, moments that squeeze your heart, moments that have you excited and on the edge of your seat and moments that will have you sporting a serious blush!! I am so happy I gave this one a try, it was such a pleasurable read, highly recommend!!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.


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