Man Candy From Jessica Lemmon Hits Shelves January 9th!

Series: Real Love #3
Author: Jessica Lemmon
Publisher: Random House-Loveswept
Releases: January 9, 2018

Dax: After spending months buried up to my eyeballs in my family’s affairs, I’m ready for a break. The kind of break where I can spend two solid weeks camping and fishing in the company of absolutely no one. Then I find myself directly in the path of a drop-dead gorgeous tornado by the name of Becca Stone. Who can resist a night with a damsel in distress? Especially when she happens to be a leggy blonde? The last thing I expect is for Becca to show up on my cabin doorstep the next night, shivering in the rain and ready for seconds.

Becca: One minute I’m admiring the rock-hard jaw of the Magic Mike lookalike who walks into my bar, and the next I’m getting fired by my own brother. Loudly. In front of everyone. Luckily Dax Vaughn is a gentleman who aims his white-hot smile at me. Oh, it’s on. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Then a torrential storm washes out the main road and causes a massive power outage, giving us two whole weeks to enjoy each other’s company. At which point Dax will go back home, leaving “us” in the rearview mirror. That’s the plan. Or it was . . . until I started falling for him.

Praise For The Real Love Series By Jessica Lemmon:

Is there room for two in that sleeping bag? When it comes to love, a chiseled loner takes the scenic route in this irresistible standalone from the author of Eye Candy (“Truly the perfect romantic comedy.”—Lauren Layne).

“The banter made me grin, the sexual tension had me breathless, and the perfect happy ending left me smiling long after the book was done.”—New York Times bestselling author Lauren Layne, on Eye Candy

“This book had a very Christina Lauren feel to it. Very witty, sexy, and kept me wanting more with every page. I absolutely loved it.”—USA Today bestselling author Sidney Halston, on Eye Candy


Dax leans out the front door and retrieves a dripping-wet duffel bag, a large cooler, and another sizable bag.

“Wow. Is that everything?” I tease, sweeping my phone’s flashlight beam toward the mountain of supplies.

“Camping gear and fishing rods are in the Jeep,” he answers drily. “Won’t be using that until the rain lets up.”

I like his truncated speech about as much as I like everything else about him. Especially the way he’s looking at me right now. I sweep the light from his luggage to inspect him. His hair is plastered to his head, water dripping off the hard planes of his handsome face, T-shirt molded to his pecs, abs, and shoulders as if he dove into a lake rather than dashed in from a thunderstorm.

“There’s a generator. Want me to find it?”

In the low light I can make out his eyes trained on me. “Becca.”


“We could have another drink. Postpone this another hour or two. Ask more questions about pop culture and each other’s pasts.”

I shake my head because I don’t want to overanalyze or stall or weigh my options.

“Or?” My voice is a breath of anticipation. Dax stalks toward me, all that bulk moving at a seriously sexy pace.

He’s front of me, surrounding me. I’m delicate in comparison to the sheer size of him.

“Or.” His one word is followed by his chilled fingers sinking into my damp hair. He tugs my nape, forcing my chin forward and up, and I come a step closer and rest my hand on his soaked shirt.

“I have something else in mind.” His gravelly promise gives way to a heated kiss, his warm lips covering mine. He pushes his tongue into my mouth but takes his time once he’s there, mingling, dancing, teasing. I taste him and taste him until a clatter sounds in the room—my phone hitting the floor. The light illuminates the immediate area, but I don’t need to see him to know what he’s doing.

Dax runs his hands down my shoulders, down the sides of my breasts, around my waist. Then he stops. Tugs me closer. Deepens the kiss.

Oh, man this guy can kiss. Really, really kiss. My brains are turning to mush and my knees to jelly. I wouldn’t be surprised if all of me puddled at his feet like rainwater rolling off his body.

He stops kissing me, robbing me of his heat as he pulls his pelvis away from mine.

“Bec, I need a ‘yes.’”

“What?” I’m dazed.

“You sure you want to do this?”

Yep. I’m melting. This time from the inside. I take a bold step forward and press my breasts against his solid chest, rub the part of him he shielded from me a second ago with my torso. The many steely inches buried beneath the fly of those well-worn jeans.

“You know it, Magic Mike,” I tell him with a saucy grin. He can’t see it, but I make sure he can feel it. I push up on my toes and throw my arms around his neck and kiss the life out of him.

Luckily, he’s as good on his toes as I am on mine. When I lean heavily, he adjusts his weight to support me. When I slide my tongue into his mouth, he accepts it gratefully. When I snake my hand down his chest and over the ridges of his abs—seriously, this is one hard-bodied dude—he lets loose an exhale that’s more a feral grunt against my lips.


I push his shirt over his chest and he peels the sodden material off the rest of the way. When I reach for the button on his jeans, he growls into my mouth and extracts my hands.

“Where the hell’s the bedroom?”

“There are two on this floor. Which—eeeee!” My shriek turns into a giggle as Dax literally throws me over his shoulder. I didn’t even sense it coming. One second I was standing on the floor, and the next I was airborne, then upside down. In a dark, dark room he sets me on my feet before the room is lit by his phone.

“I wonder if the flashlight makers have suffered a business slump since the invention of the smart phone,” I wonder aloud.

“Not what I’m thinking about.” Dax props the phone up on a lamp with a base made out of faux deer antlers. He thumbs open the stud on his jeans and works the wet denim over his legs. With the helpful spotlight pointing about waist high, I can see the outline of his erection in a pair of tight black briefs.

Before I can further admire his muscular, thick thighs, he’s in front of me, lifting my shirt and tossing it aside. I shiver. It’s a chilly spring night, and not warm in this cabin.

“Once we turn on the generator, let’s also turn on the heat.”

Dax pulls me close, his big hands warm despite the room’s temperature. “I’ll keep you warm, Princess.”

Jessica Lemmon

A former job-hopper, Jessica Lemmon resides in Ohio with her husband and rescue dog. She holds a degree in graphic design currently gathering dust in an impressive frame. When she’s not writing super-sexy heroes, she can be found cooking, drawing, drinking coffee (okay, wine), and eating potato chips. She firmly believes God gifts us with talents for a purpose, and with His help, you can create the life you want.

Jessica is a social media junkie who loves to hear from readers. 

You can also find her here:


Dax is a man on a mission, a mission that hopefully leads to some much needed R&R and self rediscovery. Dealing with family matters and a disastrous end to his relationship with this ex, has left him completely drained, and now he is in need of a little life reboot. He thinks his plan to seclude himself in the mountains and do some fishing is the perfect way to get back the man he was before, but then he meets a sexy, little blonde, with mile long legs that has him rethinking his idea of seclusion. He wasn't planning on love, but maybe, just maybe, it's what he has been missing all along...

Becca comes from a world that is riddled with self-doubt, and lacks a good support system... then she meets Dax, and he helps her to see that her life has meaning beyond what her family thinks, she can accomplish things, and be successful on her own. It's a new feeling for her, before she would always try something and then give up and run when her family thought it wasn't for her, now she is starting to see that she doesn't need their approval. She has yet to meet a man that was worth sticking around for, but after meeting Dax she is starting to see the appeal of staying... even if it is only for a couple of weeks until he returns to his home in Ohio.

Man Candy is a feel good romance story that will have you swooning from start to finish! In this newest addition to the Real Love series, we meet Dax, a gorgeous brooding magic mike dancer lookalike, and the leggy blonde princess who sneaks under his radar and steals his heart. He didn't set out to find love, but it found him, and boy was it fun to watch him stumble onto it. His little secluded rendezvous had me blushing more than a few times... he definitely knows how to turn up the heat and keep it simmering throughout the pages! I have met the other men of the Real Love series and I have to say Dax just bumped Vince out of the top spot as my favorite, there is just something about this edgy, rugged alpha that stole my heart... he was truly something else!! If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting the men of the Real Love series, I recommend you remedy that ASAP, because you are missing out on some seriously good reading, and some seriously sexy man candy!! Highly recommend!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.


Loveswept Publishing


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