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Series: Seattle Sharks Book #4
Author: Samantha Whiskey
Publisher: Independent
Releases: July 23, 2018

As a rookie, keeping up with the Seattle Shark’s starting trio is grueling work.

Trying to pretend like the Shark’s new, totally-off-limits physical therapist doesn’t make me ache? Impossible.

Because she isn’t just anyone.

Once upon a time, Chloe was mine.

Until she broke my heart.

Now she’s back in my life and Coach has forbidden any of us from pursuing her.

One look and my heart begs to claim her.

One touch and I’m on fire.

Her past is riddled with darkness and it doesn’t matter if she wants me, too.

We can’t happen.

Because we both desperately need our jobs.

But I can’t deny the heat between us, and the more time I spend with her, the more I realize she never left my heart.

As the tension coils between us, I find myself closer to losing control.

Closer to throwing everything I’ve ever worked for away…and taking a taste of the forbidden.

With my contract up for negotiation, I refuse to be sent back to the minors—not in hockey or with Chloe. This time it’s all or nothing.

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Samantha Whiskey

Samantha Whiskey is a wife, mom, lover of her dogs and romance novels. No stranger to hockey, hot alpha males, and a high dose of awkwardness, she tucks herself away to write books her PTA will never know about.

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Bentley and Chloe have major history, the kind that involves the heart and intense feelings, and trying to keep that under wraps while they are now working together side by side, day in and day, out is going to be tough. Once upon a time they were best friends, then that friendship turned into a once and a lifetime kind of love, and they found themselves in a relationship, but before a happily ever after could get underway, life and dreams got in the way and it tore them apart. They both tried to move on and forget one another, but no one else ever quite compared to what they found with one another, both still caring that deep devotion to one another, and that once in a lifetime kind of love.

Getting involved now would be a very bad idea, one that could cause them to lose the careers they have worked so hard to get, but losing one another again is almost more than either of them can bare...

Within the pages of this beautifully crafted tale you will meet Bentley and Chloe, two lost souls who had a tight grasp on love once, but then they lost it, and now that they have found one another again they find that their love is as strong as it ever was... but acting as more than anything professional could cause them both a lot of harm. They have both worked very hard to get to where they are now, Bentley finally getting the time on the ice in the big leagues that he's has craved to have since he was a teen, and Chloe becoming a trainer and therapist and earning the kind of money that helps provide the best care possible for her mother. Watching these two fight to stay on the right side of wrong was rough on the heart, but it created the kind of angst that brings big fireworks in the end, so all I can say is prepare yourself for some gut wrenching emotion, and serious steam, cause this one comes loaded with it!! I loved this newest installment in the Seattle Sharks series, it was good for the heart, and gave me a new hockey hunk to swoon over... which is a total win in my book!! Highly recommend!!

I requested an advanced copy of this title, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.



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