A Spellbinding New Tale From Christie Craig!!

Don't Close Your Eyes
Series: Texas Justice #1
Author: Christie Craig
Publisher: Forever Romance
Releases: August 28, 2018

What would you do if everything you thought was true about your family turned out to be a lie? 

Annie Lakes has had the same recurring nightmare for years. Her heart pounding in her chest. A panicked voice, begging her to run faster. Her own bloodcurdling scream. But now Annie is starting to realize it's more than just a bad dream. She's starting to remember things about the night her cousin Jenny disappeared all those years ago. Things that make her believe her family was involved--and what they're hiding is much worse than she ever imagined. But she can't unravel this alone. She needs someone she can trust, someone like sexy Detective Mark Sutton ....

Mark has seen enough--too much--to assume that Annie's story is a dead end. It turns out that her family is hiding some killer secrets. A long time ago, Annie was just an innocent little girl who saw something she shouldn't. Now she's a target, and Mark's running out of time to protect the woman he's starting to fall for. 

But how does Mark face off against a murderer who just may be someone Annie loves?

Christie Craig

Christie Craig is the New York Times bestselling author of thirty-nine books. She is an Alabama native, a motivational speaker, and a writing teacher, who currently hangs her hat in Texas. When she’s not writing romance, she’s traveling, sipping wine, or penning bestselling young adult novels as C.C. Hunter. 

Learn more at CCHunterBooks.com or http://www.christie-craig.com.

For years Annie has been haunted by a reoccurring dream, that leads her to believe something about her family isn't quite right, she is certain she witnessed something as a child that she shouldn't have, but every time she brings it up to her family and friends they totally disregard her claims. When she reunites with her mother's family at her uncles funeral, and shares an interesting conversation with her cousin, memories start to flood her, and she instantly knows that it's time to go to the cops. But she is afraid when she shows up at the station that they will laugh in her face like everyone else has, but lucky for her she meets Mark Sutton, a very dedicated and determined detective, who goes above and beyond to help her find the truth!

Mark Sutton has found himself on the losing end of a couple of cases, and landed himself in time-out, also known as the cold case division, and it doesn't set well with him at all, especially when a case that has haunted him for years lands on his desk. He has always wondered who took the life of one of his littlest victims, and now he might just have the chance to find out, with fresh eyes on the case, and armed with new information he is ready to solve this mystery. But before he can get to work on it, a stunning beauty wanders into his life and turns it upside down, she has a long hidden family mystery for him to solve, and needs his protection... now he finds himself doing double duty to solve two cases, and keep his own demons at bay while doing it!

From the very first page Don't Close Your Eyes draws you in and lures you to the edge of your seat, it's downright riveting!! I thoroughly enjoyed settling down with this first time read, it had a good mix of everything I look for in a read; it was engaging, steamy, suspenseful, and had a impeccably crafted plot. There was so much going on in this one, two mysteries being solved at once, lots of family drama to be sorted out, a brewing forbidden romance, and a backstory being developed for the other detectives in the cold case division...hold on tight cause it's an action packed ride! I have to say this was quite an impressive first read, I loved meeting these characters and look forward to revisiting them very soon!! Highly recommend this one, it will take you on a thrilling literary ride!!

I requested an advanced copy of this title, and I am leaving my honest opinion.


ARC provided by: Forever Romance via Netgalley


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