BIG STICK is Now Live!

Series: Aces Hockey #7
Author: Kelly Jamieson
Releases: October 23, 2018

A brooding hockey hunk learns to embrace life—and love—from a single mom who takes the world one puck at a time.

Big move . . . Jodie's motto is "Don't wait for the perfect moment - take the moment and make it perfect." And that's just what she decides to do when she moves to Chicago with her two-year-old daughter. Now all Jodie needs is a place to live, and her best friend's boyfriend has just the answer.

Big stick . . . Nick Balachov has zero interest in socializing, partying, or flirting right now. It's not that he doesn't like women. He loves them. It's just that hockey, casual hookups, and hanging out at home are enough for him these days. Now Nick has a big problem - because the woman living in his empty coach house is a major distraction.

Big deal? The more Nick tries to keep his distance, the more Jodie needs him - around the house, that is. First he helps with the snowstorm, then the power outage. Nick even finds himself trying to impress her little girl. What the hell is wrong with him? Jodie represents everything Nick doesn't want. But maybe she's just what he needs. . . .

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Kelly Jamieson’s USA Today bestselling Aces Hockey series can be read together or separately:


Kelly Jamieson

Kelly Jamieson is a USA Today bestselling author of over forty romance novels and novellas. She writes the kind of books she loves to read–sexy romance with heat, humor and emotion. Her writing has been described as “emotionally complex”, “sweet and satisfying” and “blisteringly sexy”. She likes coffee (black), wine (mostly white) and shoes (high!). She also loves watching hockey. She is the author of the popular Heller Brothers Hockey series and the Rule of Three trilogy. Visit her website at or contact her at

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From the moment hockey star Nick Balachov waltzes into his friends party and his eyes land on Jodie he's hit with an attraction he wasn't looking to find, so he does what he always does, and becomes the jerk needed to send her packing. He's not looking for a roll between the sheets, he's become accustom to the quiet and he intends to keep it that way, and no woman is going to change that. But then again he has never met a woman quite like Jodie, she represents everything he thinks he doesn't want, not to mention she has a child, and that alone has him wanting to run for the hills!

Being a parent isn't even on his radar for the future, but when they need a place to stay for a bit he finds himself going against everything he believes and offering up his carriage house to them. Which he is certain is going to come back and bite him big time... and it does, the more time he spends with her and her young daughter the more he starts to see the possibilities a life with them could hold!

Between the pages of Big Stick you will find a delightfully crafted tale that is sure to tug on heartstrings and leave you swimming in feels! From the very first page this one pulled me in, the words gripped me tightly and just wouldn't let go. I cannot say enough wonderful things about these characters, I found myself instantly connecting with them, and soon after falling head over heels for them... especially little Miss Zyana, she was a hoot! I have read a few of the Aces Hockeys books, and I have to say this one just took the lead as my favorite, it was sweet, sexy, and so good for the heart!!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.

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