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Pucking Parker
Author: Jillian Quinn
Series: Face-Off Legacy Series #1
Publisher: Penn Publishing
Releases On: October 17, 2018

I'm the coach's daughter.
He's my dad's favorite player...
And completely off-limits

The first time I met Preston Parker, I slammed face first into his wet, chiseled abs. In the men’s locker room, of all places. I did the world’s longest walk of shame in front of dozens of hockey players. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Mr. MVP gave me one of his killer smirks, right before dropping his towel in front of me. Just to prove a point. That no woman can resist him. Not even me.

Now, I can’t stop thinking about Parker naked. He keeps finding ways to see me, touch me. And I find myself wanting to break my dad’s rules about his players. Rules I never break for a reason. Because falling for a player like Parker… was never part of the plan.

Pucking Parker is the first book in the Face-Off Legacy Series. Fans of the original Face-Off Series won't want to miss the chance to see their favorite players, but now it's time to meet their sons.

Jillian Quinn

Jillian Quinn is an international bestselling romance author who likes her females just as alpha as their swoon-worthy male counterparts. Jillian is a writer and sports fanatic, combining her passion for both hobbies into her books. As a lover of all things bookish, Jillian has a serious book-hoarding problem and runs a blog in her free time. When she’s not reading, writing, or blogging, she’s obsessively fangirling over hockey players and can be found wherever she can catch the next hockey game. 

Preston Parker knows messing around with the coach's daughter is playing with fire, but she is just too darn tempting, one taste just wasn't enough. The moment he met Bexley Bryant his senses went on high alert, he had never met a woman quite like her, nor met one that effected him the way she did. He knows his focus should be solely on his team and the end goal, but he also knows there is no way he'll ever be able to let her go either... no matter what consequences might be waiting for him!

Pucking Parker kicks off a new series from Ms. Quinn, and I have to say, wow what a way to get things underway, this sexy little page turner will rock your world!! I loved the Face-Off series, and I think it is safe to say this one measures up nicely to it's predecessor, this first installment comes with the same amount of heat and emotion that I have come to expect from her, as well as, a few surprises too. Bex and Preston were quite the forbidden pair, they both knew going in what could happen if they were found out, and of course what rules they would be breaking, but what fun would it be to not push the limits a little. Watching these two circle around one another and fight their constant urges to break the rules was hella hot and pretty intense at times, they had me dangling on the edge of my seat more than a few times. I loved my time with these two and having the opportunity to meet the next generation in the Face-Off family, their story had feels, steamy times, and loads of heated banter... simply said it was romance reading at it's best!

I requested an advanced copy of this title, and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.

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