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Have you met the Archer Family Yet?

I had to pleasure of reading this wonderful story last night, If you haven't met the Archer Family yet, I recommend you remedy that very soon!

This is by far my favorite addition to the Ribbon Ridge series, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kyle and Maggie's story. Their story grabbed my attention right from the start, and kept me up reading until the wee hours of the morning, because the suspense was killing me and I had to know what was going to happen!

Kyle returns home to Ribbon Ridge, after a four year hiatus, in an attempt to reclaim his spot in the family and also try to re-earn the respect that was long ago lost because of his poor choices. Which proves to be quite a challenge for him, but while on his mission to redeem himself, he sets out to find out more about his brother's death, and seeks the help of his brother's therapist, Maggie. With each of their encounter's he begins to let go of the anger he once had for her, and replaces it with a deep desire to know…

New release Today!!

This was my first book by this author, and so it was kind of refreshing to be able to explore a new writing style and just sort of jump in with no preconceived expectations. I had read the synopsis and thought it sounded like something that was right up my alley, and boy was I right! I am a sucker for a well written western romance story equipped with a smooth talking, good hearted cowboy and this book definitely had all of that and then some!

The main characters Cole and Jesslyn had amazing chemistry, and you could tell the author put a lot of time and care into developing their characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading their story, and also getting small glimpses of the other characters in the series, which I plan to acquaint myself with in the near future. The story line had a nice flow to it, and had just enough mystery to keep me on the edge of my seat and continually flipping pages. 

This was definitely a nice little introduction to author Maggie McGinnis, and I plan to add her to …

New Release Today!!

This book was my introduction to this author and I must admit it left a pretty good first impression, so much so, I plan to read more of her books. Her writing style had a nice flow to it, and the story line was very engaging, and had me interested the whole way through!!

The characters were very well developed and had great chemistry which made the story quite a enjoyable read for me. It was a heartwarming tale, with plenty of blush worthy moments!! 

Highly recommend you pick up this book, it will have you laughing, smiling and blushing the whole way through!!

Highly recommend you aquaint yourself with Prince Nicholas!

Jun 29, 15 · edit

This story was a refreshing change of pace for me, and something a little out of my reading comfort zone. I normally steer clear of stories involving royalty, and have struggled in the past to find interest in stories of this nature, but I'm happy to say I'm glad I veered off course and gave this story a try. I knew going into the story that I normally really enjoy Ms. Covington's writing style, and usually don't have any trouble getting interested in her story lines, so I had faith her story would win me over and it totally did. I was immediately pulled into the story, it was highly addictive, so much so, I ended up pulling a late night read-fest and reading the whole book in one sitting. Nick and Isabel had amazing chemistry, and it was clear from the start that they were meant to be together, however, the rode getting there was very challenging for them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading their story and would love to see Ms. Covington write a update to t…

Upcoming Release Reading Recommendation: Breaking a Legend by Sarah Robinson

This was my first encounter with this authors work and I can say with complete certainty that it won't be my last! I thoroughly enjoyed reading Clare and Rory's story, and can hardly wait to make a return visit to Woodlawn and learn more about the fierce fighting Kavanagh boys! 

Clare moved to Woodlawn looking for a fresh start and as a part of her new life she wanted to learn how to defend herself from her haunting past and a controlling ex-boyfriend. So she enrolled in self defense classes at Legends gym, hoping to find her inner strength and gain some valuable defense tools, not realizing this gym really held all the keys to her future, one of those being MMA legend Rory Kavanagh. Rory himself also struggling from his own demons, is also in need of a fresh start in life, not realizing a little harmless flirting would lead to a new life path for him, and also the discovery of true love. The chemistry between Clare and Rory was like a slow burning fire, smoldering with intense…
Good Afternoon All, hope your Friday is going well! After spending much of my day running errands and doing some household chores I am looking forward to doing some relaxing this weekend, and possibly get caught up on my ARC book reading list. I do believe I have at least four books awaiting my attention!

This weekend's Reading Menu is: 

"Breaking the Legend" by Sarah Robinson
"The Prince's Runaway Lover by Robin Covington
"Yours to Hold" by Darcy Burke
"The Strongest Steel" by Scarlett Cole

I am looking forward to digging into these books! Check back soon for my reviews!! And have a great weekend, and make sure to make some time for a little R&R...reading and relaxing!!

Hello All,
This is my first attempt at a blog, so please bare with me! I have always been a reader, and have always had a love for books, and now I have decided to share that with others on a little larger scale. I am branching out and creating a blog, and Facebook blog that will be used to share my book reviews, favorite authors, favorite books, etc. with others! I am excited about this new journey and look forward meeting new people, and sharing our love of books with one another. 

In the coming weeks, as I become more comfortable with everything there will be more to see on my blog, and will update things as I go! Thanks for sharing your time with me!