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Last Kiss Of Summer Release Blitz Tour!

Author: Marina Adair
Series: Destiny Bay, #1
On Sale: August 30, 2016
Publisher: Forever
Mass Market: $5.99
eBook: $5.99
Red's Rating: 5 AMAZING STARS!

A Little About The Book...

He's one bad apple she just can't resist…

Kennedy Sinclair never dreamed she'd own a pie shop and an orchard in a small town like Destiny Bay. But nestled between the mountains and the Pacific Ocean, it's the perfect place to cross something off her "Life's short so eat the icing first" list and start her life over from scratch. Her shop, Sweetie Pies, is famous for its hot, flaky apple turnovers and sinfully delicious deep dish pie. For Kennedy though, nothing is more enticing than the tall, strapping slice of temptation who keeps coming back for more.

Luke Callahan is determined to make his hard cider business a success. With his beloved father's cider recipe and the opportunity of a lifetime in his grasp, he'll stop at nothing to get this deal done. There&…

Winner Takes All Release Day Blitz!

Title: Winner Takes All
Author: Erin Kern Series: A Champion Valley Series On Sale: August 30, 2016 Publisher: Forever Formats: Mass Market & eBook
Price: $6.99 USD (MM) / $6.99 USD (eBook)
Red's Rating: 4 Heartwarming Stars!

Money. Fame. Endorsements. Blake Carpenter had it all—before his professional football career spiraled out of control. Determined to rebuild his life, he takes on coaching the high school team in his Colorado hometown. Despite a few fumbles, Blake knows he can lead these boys to victory. As long as he can keep his eyes on the prize and off the team's distractingly gorgeous physical therapist.
Annabelle Turner knows all about the scandal that cost Blake his NFL career, and she'll be damned if she's going to let his mistakes hurt her team. What she doesn't count on is the intense attraction that turns every heated run-in they have into a wildly erotic competition. Point by point, play by play, kiss by kiss, they try to keep things profession…

Another Can't Miss Read By Melanie Scott!

Playing Fast Series: New York Saints #5 Author: Melanie Scott Publisher: St. Martin's Press Red's Rating: 5 AMAZING STARS!
Finn Castro is living out all his dreams, he's made it to the majors playing for the Saints, and enjoying every last one of the perks that comes with the job... maybe just a little too much! When his partying and careless ways get a little out of hand, Finn finds himself being sent back to the minor leagues to play for the Preachers with orders to get his life cleaned up and find a little restraint, with a small possibility of making a return to the big leagues. Now he just has to figure out a way to stay focused, and hold out hope he can keep his major league dreams alive!!

Eva Harlowe put her dreams on hold and took over raising her younger sisters after her parent's passing, and has spent the last few years working for the Preachers, but she finally to a point where she thinks she is ready to leave her job behind and follow her dreams. She has the opp…

First In A New Series From Lisa Marie Perry!

Meant To Be Mine
Series: Guilty Pleasures Author: Lisa Marie Perry Publisher: Forever- Grand Central  Red's Rating: 5 Delectable Stars!!
Sofia Mercer has been dealt a lot at her young age, but every negative thing she's been hit with she's taken in stride and found a way to overcome it. She prides herself on being a strong woman, one that can handle just about anything... but when she returns to her hometown to take care of her aunt's affairs after she passes, and comes face to face with the man who broke her heart years ago it rattles her to her core. She knows getting close to him again could be dangerous on her heart so she is determined to keep him at a arms length, but after one earth shattering kiss she is left questioning everything. And left with an desire she never anticipated... to stay!

Burke Wolf is a man with many demons, one of those being letting the woman he loved go years ago, and he's never been able to move past that mistake, it haunts him all the time…

Spicy New MUST Read from Sasha Clinton!

In My Arms Tonight Series: NYC Singles #2 Author: Sasha Clinton Red's Rating: 4 SPICY STARS!!
When Alex Summer steps in to protect an innocent woman from being harmed his public persona takes a hit in the media, and that's not something he can afford right now. He is hoping to become the next mayor of New York, and having the media paint a less than stellar picture of you is not something you want to get out at a time like that. He gets a surprise though when that woman steps forward and helps him out by telling her story and setting the record straight, and in doing so a friendship forms, and soon the sparks start to fly...

After having one of the most traumatizing experiences of her life Kat Cullen, finds herself being saved by a handsome politician. But when the media gets a hold of the incident, and he's painted poorly in the media because of it, she feels obligated to come to his rescue this time. She puts on a brave face, and tells her side of the story, and soon finds h…

Something New From Author Erin Nicholas!

Twisted Up Series: Taking Chances #1 Author: Erin Nicholas Publisher: Montlake Romance Red's Rating: 4 Heartwarming Stars!
As fire chief and head of emergency management, Avery Sparks has become the master at handling anything that borders on chaotic... except her love life. Years ago on graduation night she indulged in a little one night hook-up with her friend Jake Mitchell, then he left without looking back. Avery on the other hand stayed behind, and has created a good life for herself, one she has no plans of changing, she has everything she could possibly want in Chance, Nebraska... well except maybe love. But the minute Jake returns home for their high school reunion, the sparks between them start to fly, and mother nature isn't about to let these two off so easy this time!

Jake Mitchell loves what he does, being a leader in natural disaster recovery give him the opportunity to help people and gives him a sense of purpose like nothing else ever could. He likes that it allows h…

A Sexy New Read From Opal Carew!!

Nailed Author: Opal Carew Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin Red's Rating: 4 OH SO SEXY STARS!!

Kane has never forgotten the beautiful girl he met in college, and ultimately lost because of his own wrong doing... and he has always wanted to right the wrong he made in the past, but never found the right opportunity... that is until now. When he learns that she is trying to start her own business and has a fundraiser going to raise the funds needed to get her plans underway, he immediately decides this just might be his way into her life again. But when she shows up for their "dinner meeting" and sees just who paid the money to help her out, she is ready to walk away and find another way to start her business... without his help! But this time he's not letting her slip away so easily...he wants her back and he's willing to go to any length to make that happen!

River met the man of her dreams in college, but then he did some unthinkable things, and broke her heart, and …

Something New From Kelly Jamieson!

Body Shot Series: Last Shot #1 Author: Kelly Jamieson Publisher: Loveswept Red's Rating: 4 Smoking Stars!!

Every facet of Hayden Miles carefully planned life revolves around her work, and caring for her aging aunt and uncle who spent the better part of their lives caring for her growing up after her parents passed away from cancer. With her busy life she doesn't have much time for a social life, and hasn't been on a date in ages, but most days that is the last thing on her mind. The idea of taking a chance on love puts her on edge, but after she unexpectedly meets a sexy SEAL at a bar, and they have an undeniable spark, she starts to rethink her position on love.

Former Navy SEAL Beck Whitcomb turned his back on his wealthy lifestyle to create a life he earned with his own two hands, one that he could be proud of, and he found that with the Navy. Now after his successful career in the military has ended, he's decided to go against his parents wishes and open a bar with his …

The Viking Has Arrived...Are You Ready For Him?

Neil Series: Uncompromising #2 Author: Sybil Bartel Red's Rating: 5 Mind Blowing Stars!!!
Ariel has become a hardened woman because of circumstances beyond her control, she let the wrong man into her life, fell hard for him, and he left her pregnant and alone. From that day forward her life became only about her child and seeing to it that her son had the best life she could give him, even if it meant taking on a side job at a strip club just to make ends meet. She has no interest in dating or relationships, the mere idea of opening her life to someone again is more than she can bare, so when a brooding viking waltzes into her life she is more than ready to send him packing. But no matter how hard she tries to push him away, he keeps coming back into her life like a force of nature, and soon her attraction to him overrides her good sense and she finds herself involved with a man that everyone says is not right for her... but there is a small part of her that is hoping they are all wro…

HERO OF MINE by Codi Gary Blog Tour!!

❥❥ Hero Of Mine❥❥ Series: Men In Uniform #2 Author: Codi Gary Publisher: Avon Impulse Red's Rating: 5 Heartwarming Stars!!

The men of Alpha Dog, a second chance program for at-risk teens, work hard and play hard. And when it comes to protecting the women they love . . . nothing stands in their way.
Danielle Hill used to live on the wild side, until a surprise pregnancy forced her to get her act together. Now her whole life revolves around her young son, and she will do anything to keep Noah’s heart protected, even if it means avoiding the Marine who makes her want to be oh so bad . . . 
Tyler Best loves his family, his friends, and his life, and he plans on living it to the fullest after nearly losing it. But Tyler didn’t bank on running into a beautiful blond with blazing green eyes and temper to match his. Tyler always thought he wasn’t ready to settle down, but Dani and Noah make him rethink his playboy ways . . .
Only just as these two start to build something…