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New Release by Allison B. Hanson

Alexis and Ian Montgomery are a happily married couple, with a very solid relationship intact, who decide the next step in their lives is to start a family. Only when that dream is not realized and it becomes a major struggle for them to get pregnant their marriage starts to suffer. Things between them start to unravel and they start to grow apart. Overwhelmed by the stress Ian decides there is really nothing left for him in the marriage and files for divorce. Alexis is feeling defeated and hurt by Ian's decision, but decides to go ahead and sign the divorce papers anyway. 

After the loss of Ian's uncle the couple are brought together again by his funeral. During the reading of his will, the couple find out that it his wishes that they spend one weekend together in the family's cabin. Not wanting to upset the family they follow through with his wishes and make arrangements to spend a weekend together. Not realizing that one little wish could completely change the course of …

Broken Play Releases Sept.1st!!

This was my first experience with this author's work, and I must admit I really liked the story, so much so, I plan to read more of her books in the very near future. This book was full of unexpected surprises and held my attention the whole way through. The story line was very addictive and easy to just fall into and enjoy!

I love a good football story, and this one DEFINITELY hit the mark, and left me blushing quite a few times!! The characters in this story are fun, sexy, highly entertaining, and know how to keep things hot on the field and off!!

Highly recommend you meet the players from the Birmingham Rebels...they will leave you with a smile and provide you with a very satisfying and steamy read!

ARC copy requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by Lovesept Publishing in exchange for a honest review.


Win Me Over Releases Sept. 1st!!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it was definitely a very memorable first read for me, and has put Ms. Michaels on my must read author list! 

Callie Daniels is a small town girl, equipped with a with a big heart, feisty spirit, and known to be quite comfortable with speaking her mind. She has recently moved to town, opened her own little bakery, and spends her days making delectable little treats for the residents of Preston, Missouri. She is not real fond of talking about her days as a beauty queen, and admits the one and only thing she really enjoyed about it was being able to dance. Dancing was her way of expressing herself, and served as an outlet of sorts, so when the opportunity to become the Preston High School Dance Coach presents itself, she jumps at the chance and figures it is as close to dancing as she will ever get again. When the principal asks her to help provide much needed dance lessons to the football coach for a charity event she eagerly agrees, fully expectin…

New Release from Lizbeth Selvig!

After Amelia Crockett plans for becoming a surgical doctor in NYC fall through, she is left feeling disappointed and not sure what to do, her only option is to return home to Paradise Ranch. Her plan is to spend some time with her family and hopefully also gain some perspective as to what life path she should follow next. Returning home also means putting herself in close proximity to former soldier Gabriel Harrison, which is quite unsettling for her...

Gabriel Harrison is a former soldier who finds his time is now best served helping fellow vets suffering from PTSD. He has also been helping out the Crockett family, and has been keeping Dr. Amelia Crockett updated on her younger sister's physical therapy status via email and phone. He has been taking great pleasure in irritating the good doctor long distance...but now that she is returning home all bets are off..

This was another wonderful addition to the Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Gabe and M…

New Release Today!!

This was my first experience with Ms. Layne's work, and after reading the story I can say with complete certainty that it will not be my last. I really enjoyed this book and it's take on the premise "Can men and women really just be friends?"...

I liked that the author gave both main characters points of view in the story, it was a nice way to explore both sides of the situation. I enjoyed the playful banter between the two main characters, it had me laughing and smiling quite a bit throughout the story. Both characters had a deep appreciation for one another, and I think that coupled with the excellent story line really drew me in, and helped maintain my interest the whole way through! 

I highly recommend this book, it will have you smiling, laughing, swooning, and blushing a time or two...I guarantee it!

ARC copy was requested through NetGalley and kindly provided by Random House Publishing-Loveswept in exchange for a honest review.




Tough Love is Now Available!!

I had the privileged of reading this book a few weeks ago, and I absolutely loved it, I HIGHLY recommend that you all add it to your one click list today!!

After losing her family in a accident Vanity Baker has spent a good portion of her life alone, and has missed being part of a family. When her best friend Yvette moves away to be with the man of her dreams, Vanity decides to follow her and finds herself surrounded by a gorgeous group of fighters who have welcomed her into their little family with open arms. She has begun to build friendships with some of the guys and has even set her sights on one of them, the only problem is he's not really interested in her or having a serious relationship with any woman, he's more of one night kind of guy. Vanity decides the only way she can possibly catch his eye is to devise a little plan that will hopefully trick him into wanting to pursue a relationship with her, so she invites him to be her date to her friends wedding. With the promi…

Friction releases August 18th!!

I had the privilege of previewing this title a few weeks ago, it is a thrilling read!! Make sure you add it to your one click list!!

Texas Ranger Crawford Hunt is expected to appear in court to plead his case, and try to regain custody of his daughter. Shortly after the case gets underway a masked gunman bursts into the court room on a mission to kill. Assuming the judge is the target, Crawford dives on top of judge Holly Spencer to try and protect her from being shot. Not realizing his instincts may have just helped him lose his chances of getting his daughter back...

After it's discovered that they got the wrong guy in the case, Crawford sets out on his own investigation to catch the killer still at large, and tries to do everything in his power to protect Holly and his daughter from the danger that is lurking...

It has been a while since I have read a book by Ms. Brown, and I have to stay it didn't take long at all to remember why I love reading her book's so much. She is …

Fan The Flames Releases August 18th!!

Scarlett Harrison is devastated after she loses her husband in a mission gone wrong overseas, and is left with a young daughter to raise on her own. She attempts to pick up the pieces and move forward with her life in California, but when she lost her husband, she also lost the support that was once provided by fellow military wives and friends. Feeling alone, and in need of support from her family she packs up and decides to move home to St. Louis. Her husbands best friend Brad, and fellow former Navy Seal, has offered her and her daughter a place to stay and also some much needed friendship.

Brad Silverman is a former Navy Seal turned marine rescue firefighter, who is also suffering from the loss of his best friend and Scarlett's husband.Todd. When Todd decided to re-enlist he asked Brad to be the one to care for his wife and daughter if anything happened to him while he was serving overseas, Brad of course agreed, with the hope that it would never come to that. So, after Todd pa…

New Release Tomorrow!!

Alyssa Hampstead has lead somewhat of a sheltered life, and now that she is eighteen and finally has some freedom she flees from the protected world of her father and sets out on a journey to Spain. While in Spain she encounters Shane Conner and his cousin Sebastian DeLoren, she is attracted to both men, and finds that they are more than willing to share her attention. A relationship then ensues between the three of them, but is cut short when urgent circumstances intervene, and Alyssa is attacked. The three of them then go their separate ways, that is until eight years later when they are reunited due to extenuating circumstances surrounding Alyssa's attack. 

This was my introduction to this authors work, and I have to stay it left a good first impression. It was refreshing to read something a little out of the norm for me, and definitely worth venturing outside of my comfort zone for, and helped cement Ms. Leigh a place on my go to author list! Definitely planning to read more of…

Fearless by Shae Ross is out TODAY!!

Devi Dalton is in search of a new start in life, and dying to escape her crappy home life, so when she has the opportunity to move away from home and start a new job in Manhattan, she jumps at the chance. With this amazing opportunity also comes a drive to succeed, which also means she must focus solely on her new job, and not let anything lead her astray...even if it means giving up a chance to have a relationship with her crush Ben!

Ben Winslow is a cage fighter so he comes equipped with the skills to fight hard for what he wants, and what he wants is a real chance to date his friend Devi. She however, wants nothing to do with him romantically, she spent the last six months pushing him away. But Ben isn't ready to give up the fight, he decides to try one last stitch effort to make her see just how good they'd be together..

This was my first time reading a book by this author and I have to say that I enjoyed it, it was refreshing to read something a little out of the norm. I li…

Unexpectedly His is out TODAY!!

This was my first encounter with this authors work and I can say with complete certainty that it won't be my last!  This book drew me in right away and had me burning right through the pages, it was SO addictive!  The chemistry between Nick and Marianne was off the charts and their encounters had me blushing quite a few times! 

Nick Wright's hard work has finally paid off and he is enjoying his care free life as a successful attorney. Until he is presented with an unexpected obstacle, he must find a wife and prove that he has sowed his final oat in order to make partner at his firm. So, he enlists the help of his professional matchmaking sister to help him find a fake wife. She finds him Marianne, whom of which, is his complete opposite, and totally not his type...or so he thinks! 

This was definitely a memorable first read for me, and one I highly recommend you add to your reading list! You will not be disappointed!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangl…

Tamed by the Outlaw is out today!!

Jesse Jameson is a talented romance author who has become a master at writing chart topping love stories, but hasn't been fortunate enough to discover her own happily ever after yet. After a fleeting one night stand that ended badly, she has kind of given up hope in the love department,  and focused more on her career. That is of course until she runs into the one man she hoped she never see again, Grayson Reynolds. Question is can she forgive him for walking out on her after their night together...

Grayson has recently been promoted to CEO of the publishing company that Jesse writes for, which is the one tiny detail he chose not to share with her when they had their little one night encounter. After she sneaks out of his room the next morning and leaves him without so much as a kiss good bye he is left a little confused and irritated. So, when he casually show up at a event she's attending, and announces to her that he is there to cover for her editor,  she is livid, he of co…

Be sure to check out this new release by Sharron McClellan!

Holly Milano thinks she does her best work alone, tends to be a spur of the moment kind of girl, and isn't much for planning or details. So, when she gets saddled with a partner for her latest job, she is all but thrilled about it, but tries to make the best of a bad situation.

Kane MacMillian has been assigned to work with Holly on a new mission and before they even get started he is already bracing himself for a bad ending. Holly is his total opposite, she doesn't have a planning bone in her body, and tends to act first and think later, which drives Kane absolutely crazy. Can these to find common ground long enough to solve the crime or will it all blow up in their faces....

This was definitely a memorable first read for me, it had all the makings of a perfect romance story...lots of spice, packed with action and suspense, and a feisty heroine that wasn't afraid to go toe to toe with a tough alpha male!!

The story line pulled me in right away and had me on the edge of my se…

Perfect Summer Read!

Leigh DeGray is looking forward to her much needed vacation and six week stay in the Hamptons with her friends before it's time to start her new job. While traveling to her vacation destination she stops at a little road side cafe for a bite to eat, and meets a older gentleman who reminds her of her grandfather, he is there to celebrate his wedding anniversary and honor a long standing tradition he had with his late wife. Leigh is so touched by his story that she offers to be his dinner companion and listen to him reminisce and share stories about his wife. But midway through dinner his grandson shows up and mistakes her for a prostitute trying to lure her way into his grandfather's good graces, so after being offended Leigh politely excuses herself and leaves, thankful that she'll never see that him again...

Nick Kenzy has spent the last few years of his life dedicated to his job and pouring every part of himself into his work, only to be laid off and sent packing without …

Playing For Her Heart Released Today!!

This was my first time reading a book by this author, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. It was refreshing to read something new and totally unlike anything else I have read. The story line was very intriguing and had me flying through the pages, and it contained some hottest little encounters I've read in a while, Ms. Erickson is definitely a master at steamy tales! 

Chloe Talley is a very smart and beautiful woman, who is extremely shy and tends to be socially awkward. She leads a very quiet and boring life, and doesn't date much because she lacks confidence, and doesn't believe she has what it takes to be sexy and alluring to men. She does however have one guilty little pleasure, she has a fetish for dressing up in sexy costumes and having anonymous encounters with men. Being able to hide behind a mask and disguise her true identity makes her feel liberated, gives her a sense of unmeasurable pleasure, and allows her to explore a side of herself she's not wil…

New Release Today!!

I had the privileged of previewing this book a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it!! Definitely one to add to your summer reading list!!

Penn Foster is trying to cement a place in her family as something other than the black sheep. Growing up as the only girl in her family, she found herself always lacking in her parents eyes, and has always fought to measure up to their standards, which has proven to be quite difficult for her over the years. With her family vacation to Hawaii coming up soon she is looking forward to a break from life, work, and her brooding boss Cole Murphy. And possibly get a little time to get over her ever looming feelings for him...

Cole Murphy is use to the rough, tough, foul mouthed Penn Foster that he spends his work days with, but the woman he finds in Hawaii is someone who is meek, shy, and quite subdued, and so not like anything he is use to. He has chosen to interrupt her vacation, and take her up on his idea of the perfect with no str…

Blackmailed By The Hero releases today!!

This book made a VERY good first impression!! Hot and steamy read perfect for summer reading!!

Vicky Stone is recently divorced and finally living her life on her own terms, she is ready to get over her ex-husband, by indulging in a guilt free one night stand. So when a hunky actor offers her just that she is all to eager to take him up on his offer. He gives her all of his room details and tells her to meet him in his room after the party she is working at is over, so she does just that...only to find she has actually wandered into the wrong room, and comes face to face with her long time crush, and brother's best friend. While she would love to give into her desire for Dante, she decides it's best just to walk away, because she knows one night with him will never be enough, and she isn't ready to put her heart on the line...

Dante Palladino has admired Vicky Stone from afar for the last five years, and after having to watch her marry another man he has had to settle for …

The Colonel's Daughter Is Available Today!!

Had the privileged of reading this book a few weeks ago, and I loved every minute of it!! Hot and Steamy read!!

Ivy Danforth is looking to break free from the imprisoned walls her father has built around her since she was a child, and finally be free to experience life without a security detail en tow. So, after she finally convinces her father to let her live her life freely for a while, her and her best friend Merry set out on the vacation of a life time to travel through Australia, After living a sheltered life for so long, she is looking to cross some things off her life experiences list, and one of her main goals is to finally enjoy the comforts of a man in her bed. And she has set her sights on one man in particular, her co-worker Seth Rodrigo. He provides security detail for the bar they work at, and she spends night after night admiring him from afar, now she just has to find a way to catch his eye and lure him into her bed...

Seth Rodrigo is a ex-special forces officer who has …

Charming New Addition to the Brighwater Series!

HIGHLY recommend you "One Click" the Brightwater Series by Lia Riley!! Definitely one of the BEST series that I have read this summer!!

Eden Bankcroft-Kew is set to marry her fiance in Vegas, but minutes before their wedding, Eden discovers her fiance is up to no good and can no longer be trusted. So, she grabs her purse, and flees the hotel their staying at too avoid being trapped into marrying the two timing jerk. With no where else to go, and being mildly hungry she stops at a cafe to rest, and pulls up a seat beside a handsome cowboy. After a little polite conversation with the cowboy she is starting to understand the appeal of a man in a cowboy hat, and begins to wonder if she could really fall for a guy like him...

Archer Kane is in Vegas for a little break from the country and to enjoy the comforts of some no strings attached fun, but his fun is cut a little short when he forgets the name of one of his companions from the night before. After being sent packing, he en…

Pre-order your copy today!!

Lori Foster has a new addition to the Ultimate Series Releasing in just 3 WEEKS!!!
You will fall in love with STACK HANNIGAN!!

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New Release Alert!!

I had the pleasure of reading this new addition to Carly Phillips Dare series a few weeks ago...and I LOVED it! Definitely need to add this to your One Click List Today!! 

Avery Dare lives a peaceful life in Miami, working as a fashion video blogger. She has a good support system consisting of family and friends, and when she isn't spending time with them, she volunteers at a local hospital where she helps children fighting cancer. She steers clear of romance, because the last time she fully invested her heart in someone, she got burned when he walked away from her to conquer his quest for fame and fortune. In her eyes, no one has ever quite measured up to Grey Kingston, she dreams of a life with him often and has never been able to let go of her memories of him, even though he broke her heart so long ago. So, when he sends her a ticket to his show, she jumps at the chance to go see him, hoping they can pick up where they left off. Only when she sees him surrounded by other women …