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The Review Blitz for BEAUTIFULLY SCARRED by H.P. Davenport!

Beautifully Scarred by H.P. Davenport is LIVE! Don’t miss this emotional read which tells a story of two people destined to be more!

Cover Designed by: Shower of Schmidt Designs 
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With her past firmly behind her where it belongs, Juliette has made a career out of turning her scars into art. She uses her skills to help others cover the evidence of their pain, too.
But some scars are too deep, too painful for anyone to hide completely.
Juliette has everything she could ever need--great parents, her dream job, the best friend a girl could ask for, and a new body to warm her bed whenever she wants. With her focus firmly on the here and now, she never expects a kiss from a stranger to throw a bomb in the middle of her carefully constructed life.
Every wound leaves a scar.
Every scar tells a story.
Her story left her beautifully scarred.

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The Blog Tour for ANGRY GOD!

“Once again, L.J. Shen has blown me away with a hauntingly beautiful, angst-driven, emotionally charged romance that will stay with me long after the last page. A must read for 2020.”--Siobhan Davis, USA Today bestselling author
Angry God, an all-new beautiful and dark new adult romance from USA Today bestselling author L.J. Shen, is available now!

Vaughn Spencer. 
They call him an angry god. 
To me, he is nothing but a heartless prince. 
His parents rule this town, its police, every citizen and boutique on Main Street. 
All I own is a nice, juicy grudge against him for that time he almost killed me. 
Between hooking up with a different girl every weekend, breaking hearts, noses and rules, Vaughn also finds the time to bully little ole’ me. 
I fight back, tooth and nail, never expecting him to chase me across the ocean after we graduate high school. 
But here he is, living with me in a dark, looming castle on the outskirts of London. 
A fellow intern. A prodigal sculptor. A bloody geniu…

Check out this duel cover reveal for THE OBSESSION DUET by J.L. Beck and Cassandra Hallman!!

Cruel Obsession: A Dark Mafia Romance (The Obsession Duet #1)  By: JL Beck & C. Hallman  Release Date: February 28th 
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We were only kids when I made the vow to protect her. 
First from the monsters hiding under the bed and then the ones roaming the world freely. 
My obsession with Dove wasn’t normal, it toed the line on psychotic but my love for her overshadowed that. I’d killed, destroyed and hurt those that had done her wrong. I’d watched her for years wanting to claim her but refusing too. I was both her guardian angel and the demon lurking in the shadows. 
She was mine, even though she didn’t know it yet. 
I had planned to let her live her life, while I watched from afar. 
Until one night, everything changed, and I was forced to kidnap her. 
She doesn’t remember me. 
She begs me to let her go. 
But I can’t. I won’t. 
There are things she doesn’t know. Secrets I cannot tell her but one thing is clear. 
I’ll die before I ever let he…

The Cover Reveal for: Circle of Hurt by Lauren Campbell!

Circle of Hurt Author: Lauren Campbell Genre: Contemporary Romance (with elements of cheating) Cover Design: Sarah Paige Photo: Lauren Campbell Models: Dan Rengering & Brittney Slutzky Release Date: February 27, 2020

For years, infertility followed me like a cloud.  But finally, the sun has risen. 
Finally, I am pregnant. 
Except now a new storm rages in the distance—one I have no choice but to pass through. 
I have no idea if the child I’m carrying belongs to my husband ... or to the man I’ve betrayed him with—a man I’ve come to love but whose name I don’t know.
What I do know is that I’m a cheat. A liar. Undeserving of this baby inside me.
I don’t know how this will end. But I do know it won’t be without casualties, because this is a story in which a true happy ending cannot exist. 
A story of how my love for one grew into three but must end with only two.


Pain relievers. You stare at the multitude of options at your fingertips, a whining toddler at …