The Viking Has Arrived...Are You Ready For Him?

Series: Uncompromising #2
Author: Sybil Bartel
Red's Rating: 5 Mind Blowing Stars!!!

Ariel has become a hardened woman because of circumstances beyond her control, she let the wrong man into her life, fell hard for him, and he left her pregnant and alone. From that day forward her life became only about her child and seeing to it that her son had the best life she could give him, even if it meant taking on a side job at a strip club just to make ends meet. She has no interest in dating or relationships, the mere idea of opening her life to someone again is more than she can bare, so when a brooding viking waltzes into her life she is more than ready to send him packing. But no matter how hard she tries to push him away, he keeps coming back into her life like a force of nature, and soon her attraction to him overrides her good sense and she finds herself involved with a man that everyone says is not right for her... but there is a small part of her that is hoping they are all wrong!

Neil Christensen is as hard and determined as they come, and when he sets his mind to something, there is no stopping him, until the mission is complete. He is alpha to the core, shows very little emotion, and is a man of very few words, but when he does speak you damn sure better listen and do as your told...or there will be consequences! He doesn't do relationships, feelings, or attachments to others, and he comes off as being very cold most times, but the minute the beautiful  Ariella walks into his life, something in the dominating Viking shifts, and soon has him doing things completely out of character. There is something about this woman that draws him in, and as much as he tries to stay away from her, he can't seem to let her go... even though she has no interest in having his bossy overbearing ass around! When he learns her life is in danger though he does what he does best, and forces himself into her world, and has no plans on leaving until he knows she is safe... no matter how much she puts up a fight!

From the moment this story landed on my tablet I knew things in my world were going to come to a stand still until I devoured every last delectable morsel of Neil's story. I have had an ongoing obsession with the Viking since I met him in the first installment of the series, and have been waiting on pins and needles for the opportunity to get better acquainted with the bossy, brooding Viking, and I have to say the man was DEFINITELY worth the wait!! I thought I had a good idea of what he would be like, but Ms. Bartel completely pulled the rug out from under me and took him to a place I never knew existed.... and I loved every damn minute of it! I like my heroes to be strong dominating alphas, and I have to say Neil totally shattered my expectations and took things to a whole new level... I've never met a alpha quite like him!! The minute he appeared on the page I was completely captivated by him, at times I was like putty in his hands and at other times he pushed my buttons, and ticked me off, but I was so entranced with him that I couldn't break myself away from his story. This is by far one of the best stories I have had the pleasure of reading this year, and I have to say Ms. Bartel completely outdid herself with the character development on this one, Neil is seriously something else... a sexy something else!! If there is one book you pick up and read this year, please make it this one, it will have you completely addicted from the first page, and leave you desperate for a Viking of your own!

ARC given by the publisher in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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