First In A New Series From Tawdra Kandle!!

All the pieces in Maureen Evans life are falling right into place, she is moving into her own home, a friend and her are opening a Veterinarian business, and now the next thing on her "to do" list is to find love. Up and until now, she hasn't made much time for dating because she has been too focused on getting her business started, and also still a little hung up on lingering feelings for her friend Smith. As soon as she met Smith Harrington in college, an instant friendship bloomed, and while she always wanted something more with him, he always found a way to keep her in the friend zone. And now that he is going to be her business partner, and tenant, she figures it is best time as any to let her feelings for him go, and finally move on with someone new.

Smith Harrington has been in love with Maureen Evans since the first time he laid eyes on her back in college. He always tried to make his feelings for her known, but she never seem to pick up on his hints, or his flirty advances. So he figured she just wasn't interested in anything other than friendship, so he tried to move on and let his feelings go, but no matter how hard he tried they were always there lingering. When she called and offered him to go into business with her he jumped at the chance to be close to her again, and hopes that he might finally be able to convince her that they would be perfect together.

This was my first time reading a book by this author, and I have to say that I really enjoyed it, so much so, I plan to revisit the series and read future installments. The story line pulled me almost immediately and had me staying up well past my bedtime just to finish it! I think it is safe to say that Ms. Kandle has a hit on her hands with this one!! If you like small town romance stories with a southern twist, then this is the perfect read for you!! 

ARC given in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.

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