Listen to Me (Fusion #1) by Kristen Proby Is Now Available!!

Jake Keller walked away from the rock and roll world five years ago, and has no intentions of ever going back, that world changed him and was starting to make him a jaded man, so he gave it all up for a chance at a simpler, less public life. But being away from the music is starting to take it's toll on him, he has always looked to the music to soothe him and keep him at peace, and not having it in his life now is reeking havoc on his system, so with a lot of encourage from his best friend, he goes to an open mic night to sing. It ends up being a very therapeutic and eye opening experience for him, just sitting on the stage with his guitar and singing brings him back to a place he's been longing to rediscover for the last five years and now that he has found it again he knows there's no way he can give it up again. So, when he learns that an up and coming restaurant is looking for a singer a few nights a week he jumps at the chance to audition, and thinks it's the perfect way for him to find his way back to the music he has been missing. Walking into that restaurant not only gives him a chance at rediscovering the music he's missed, but is also puts him on a path to finding love...

Opening Seduction was a dream come true for Addison Wade and her friends, and they couldn't be happier with the success they have had thus far, but Addison is certain that they can improve on it by adding live music a couple nights a week. The idea of customers being able to listen to music while their dining seems like the perfect thing to lure more folks through their door and put them on the map as one of the best restaurants in the city, which means now they've got to find some talent. Her friends are on board with the idea, but are leaving it all up to her to find a singer, so she attends a open mic night, and gets the shock of her life when the rock god who use to be plastered all over her walls waltzes onto the stage. He seems different now though, like a simpler man, even has a different name...but he is just as gorgeous as he always was, and Addison would love nothing more than to have him in her restaurant, but she is certain they can't afford him, so she keeps looking. She is certain she'll never see him again, so she revels in the fleeting moments they shared and leaves it at that...until he walks through the door of Seduction and asks for a job...

Having been a while since my last book by Ms. Proby, I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed reading her stories, but barely paragraph into it and I was quickly reminded of the literary treat her books provide! From the moment Jake waltzed onto the page I found myself instantly smitten with him, and continued to fall hard for him with each sentence I read... you just don't find characters quite like him too often. He was every bit an alpha, but underneath his protective exterior was a man with a gentle spirit, that had a heart of gold, and watching him fall for Addison was truly a beautiful thing to witness! The chemistry between them was undeniable, their relationship was intensely passionate, and filled with lots of steamy action that left me blushing more than a few times! I LOVED every minute of their story, and I can't wait to dive into the next installment and get better acquainted with more of these remarkable characters!!

If you haven't acquainted yourself with Ms. Proby's books yet, I HIGHLY recommend you remedy that soon, because not only are you missing out on some truly exceptional stories, but also the opportunity to meet some truly extraordinary characters that are destined to leave a indelible mark on your heart!!


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