Check Out This Passionate and Funny Debut From Kat Colburn!

Company Ink
By: Cat Colburn
Releases: January 13, 2018
Publisher: Independant

Office intrigue takes on a whole new meaning in this story of love, friendship, and the secrets hiding behind boardroom doors...

The Company has a rule about falling in love on the job.

I've never been one for rules. But I need this one. I need this rule to remind me why I can't be with Dani Wallace.

I need this smart little foul-mouthed fighter by my side more than I need her in my bed. I need her to close this massive deal. She thinks it holds the key to her escape from cubicle hell and another shot at the life she always wanted. 

But there is more riding on our success than she can possibly ever know. So I'll keep my hands to myself and my secrets safe for one more day.

But now I can't stop wondering what my best friend has on beneath her conservative suit. I can't stop imagining the things that sharp mouth of hers could do to me if I leaned back in my chair and unzipped my pants. And I can't stop pushing our flirting too far.

I'm trying to remember the rule. But some rules are made to be broken.

Kat Colburn has always made up stories, but she just recently started writing them down. She believes in the magic of a good book and the power of the right story to find you when you need it most.

When she’s not creating stories with strong kick-ass heroines she spends her time wrangling fuzzy rescue creatures to take their medicine, reading, and discovering new trails to hike.

Company Ink is her debut novel.

Dani Wallace is leading a life she never saw coming... first off the man she was set to marry and run a company with, decided a life with her wasn't what he wanted, so he walked away, and then took the funds from selling their start-up company along with him. Which now leaves her working in a dead end job just to make ends meet, with no love life, and no exciting future to look forward too. 

Then a big deal comes along, and brings Dan Kelly into her life, and things take a very unexpected and thrilling turn! It could be so easy to fall for a guy like Dan, but a relationship with him would be forbidden per office rules, and not to mention she has been down this road before, mixing work and love is not a good idea...or is it?

Company Ink is a slow burning forbidden romance story that will leave readers blissfully happy, and put an unshakable smile on their face! This first time read lured me in from the first page, and held me hostage until the last; it was sweet, passionate, and funny! The characters were drawn nicely, equipped with unique personalities, that played off one another nicely and inspired some great heated banter!! Highly recommend this one, it's a well blended romance sure to satisfy!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and voluntarily read and reviewed.



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