Look for Her (Keene and Frohmann #4) by Emily Winslow Now Available!

Look For Her
Series: Keene and Frohmann #4
Author: Emily Winslow
Publisher: William Morrow
Releases: February 13, 2018

Everyone loves a beautiful missing girl… a gripping psychological thriller that delves into the grief, jealousy, and unresolved mystery surrounding a cold case kidnapping, in the vein of Gilly MacMillan and Mary Kubica.

Just outside of Cambridge, Lilling seems like an unassuming idyllic English village, but it’s home to a dark history. In 1976, a teenage girl named Annalise Wood disappeared while riding her bike home from school. Though her body was later discovered in a shallow grave, the culprit was never found. Decades later, Annalise maintains a perverse kind of celebrity in the small town, and is still the focus of grief, speculation, and for one young woman, a disturbing, escalating jealousy.

When DNA linked to the Annalise murder unexpectedly surfaces, cold case investigator Morris Keene realizes he may now have the chance of his career. Morris and his former partner, Chloe Frohmann, hope to finally solve this perplexing mystery, and bring closure to a traumatized community. But the new evidence that should be the simple solution instead undoes the case's only certainty: the buried body that had long ago been confidently identified as Annalise may be someone else entirely, and instead of answers, the investigators face only new puzzles.
Whose body was unearthed all those years ago, and what happened to the real Annalise? Could she have had a secret child? Is someone interfering with the investigation? And is there a link to a present-day drowning with eerie connections? With piercing insight and fascinating twists, Emily Winslow explores the dark side of sensationalized crime in this haunting psychological thriller.

Photo by Jonathan Player

Emily Winslow is an American writer living in Cambridge, England. She's the author of the novels The Whole World, The Start of Everything, and The Red House, and the memoir Jane Doe January (HarperCollins, May 2016).

For so long now the English village of Lilling has been mesmerized with the disappearance of one of their own; each of them constantly speculating about what happened to the young girl named Annalise Wood. There have been lots of stories through the years, leads that didn't pan out, and lots theories passed down for generations... but still no concrete evidence. A body was discovered years ago, but the person who took her life is still a big mystery, one that may just be coming to light now that new DNA evidence has surfaced. But of course the case isn't that cut and dry, there are two detectives, with lots of history, with two different cases that seem to be connected, and a young woman with a disturbing obsession that finds it's way into the mix too. Buckle up and hold on tight because this one is sure to take you on literary journey you won't forget, it's riddled with twists and turns, you will never see coming! 

As soon as I cracked the cover on Look For Her I was hooked, it started off with a bang, and just continued to get better with each page that followed, just when I thought I knew where things were headed, I'd get hit with another unexpected surprise. This was a first time read for me, and I have to say I was quite impressed with what I found, the story line was enthralling, slightly twisted, and had just enough intensity to keep me hanging on by a thread! The characters were downright amazing, each one multilayered, crafted with a realistic feel to them, and complemented each other nicely. Highly recommend you get your hands on this one, it will shock you, toy with your thoughts and emotions, and hold you captive from start to finish!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and voluntarily read and reviewed.



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