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By: Cecy Robson 
Series: O’Brien Family, #5 
Publication Date: April 25, 2018 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Standalone


RT Book Reviews proclaims that the O’Brien Family series from award-winning author Cecy Robson “has the hottest brothers ever!” And in SAVE ME, it’s time for Seamus, the family’s most notorious bachelor, to find true love.

Three weddings. No date. What’s a hot stud to do when all the women on his speed dial are either serving dinner to their families or serving time?

Out of all the O’Briens, Seamus is the best-looking, most creative, and, did I mention, best-looking? Single at almost forty wasn’t a big deal until every sibling in his large and loud Irish family found “the one.” Now, he’s desperate for a wedding date, one he doesn’t have to worry will make out with the limo driver or rob the bride and groom blind.

Allie Mendes is the good daughter, who’s spent her life living in her perfect sister’s shadow. But when her sister steals the man Allie was supposed to marry, that shadow she’s lived in threatens to swallow her whole. Allie wants to believe a bright future awaits. But when she begs God to save her from this disastrous twist of fate, the last person she expects Him to send her is Seamus O’Brien.

Allie needs a stand-in boyfriend to avoid appearing as lonely as she feels. Seamus needs a decent woman without an ankle bracelet or a rap sheet as long as his muscular arms. The two make a deal to pose as each other’s perfect date. But weddings mean romance and a chance at forever neither had planned.




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Cecy Robson is an author of contemporary and new adult romance, young adult adventure, and award-winning urban fantasy. A double-nominated RITA® Finalist, Winner of the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, and published author of more than twenty titles, you can typically find Cecy on her laptop or stumbling blindly in search of caffeine.

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Seamus O'Brien tends to like women who have no shame, are a little on the loud and on the obnoxious side, and his family is growing tired of them, so with his sisters impending nuptials just around the corner, his sister asks him to do something out of the norm and bring home a nice, well behaved women for a change. Problem is Seamus doesn't seem to run into those kinds of women too often, then he happens upon Allie in a bakery and begins to realize she might just fit the "part".

When a gorgeous, brooding, man comes to her rescue Allie can't help but get a little caught up in it all, it's not very often that someone can come along and rattle her overbearing mother, and shut-up her posh princess of a sister. They are berating her and also informing her that her ex-boyfriend is now going to be her brother-in-law and that in itself stings more than a little, just once Allie would love to be the center of attention for a good reason...not because of her family wanting to point out her faults in public. Seamus couldn't have come along at a more perfect time... not only does he save the day but he also brings along of unexpected things with him!!

Save Me is a dramatic, funny, and sexy tale that showcases two opposite attract characters that prove that love can be found in the place you least expect it! These characters couldn't have been more opposite if they tried, but they found common ground when it came to their pasts, and somewhere along the way it wound up pulling them together. Seamus is a boisterous playboy who goes through women like most go through underpants, while Allie is more reserved and not at all the one night kind of girl, but fate put these two together, and little by little they changed, and eventually grew into the people they always wanted to be, people that were suited perfectly for one another. This was a first time read for me and I have to say I enjoyed what I found, it was a well rounded tale, with bits of everything I look for in a read, and it held my attention throughout. If you like opposite attract stories then I highly recommend you give this one a try, it's sure to satisfy!

I requested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher, and voluntarily read and reviewed.



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