Thrilling New Novel From Graeme Cameron!

Dead Girls
By: Graeme Cameron
Publisher: Harlequin/Park Row
Releases: May 29, 2018

I may not remember everything, but I know he won’t hurt anyone else.

I won’t let him. 

It’s been two months since a serial killer brutally attacked police detective Alisha Green and left her for dead. Two months since she could effortlessly recall simple things, since her mind felt remotely sound. The nameless killer thinks he knows her, thinks she’s just another dead girl among many. Ali Green plans to show him he’s dead wrong about that.

Ali has two enemies now: the dangerous man she’s hunting and her own failing memory. As explosive new evidence comes to light and conflicting accounts from a witness and a surviving victim threaten both her investigation and her credibility, she begins to question what is and isn’t real. And now Ali has no choice but to remember the past…before it buries her.

A hypnotically gripping thriller that proves internationally bestselling author Graeme Cameron is one of the most unique voices in contemporary fiction today.

Graeme Cameron

Graeme Cameron lives with his family in Norfolk, UK. Normal is his first novel. Learn more about this author here:

Detective Ali Green is on a mission to catch a serial killer, and will stop at nothing to catch the person who tried to end her life. But she's at a little bit of a disadvantage, because the attack she endured left her with a failing memory, so certain important details about the killer and the case are a little fuzzy, but she is not about to clue her partner into her issue in fear of being sidelined. But as her memory continues to play tricks on her, the harder it becomes to maintain clarity and keep a handle on her emotions and all of the things that are happening around her... and before long those around her start to see her struggle and start to doubt her abilities. But she isn't about to give up that easily, she has a job to do and she has a killer to catch!

Dead Girls is a crafty little thriller riddled with twists and turns that will leave you reeling! Hold on tight cause this one is sure to take you on a wild adventure, just when I thought I had things figured out, Ali would make a new discovery and leave me stumped all over again. What a great first time read this one turned out to be, it was downright enthralling!!

I requested an advanced copy of this title and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion.



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