Taking the Score (Tall, Dark, and Texan #2) Is Out Today!!

Emma Strickland's moral compass hasn't always followed the straight and narrow, and she has made some bad choices along the way, but when you've been dealt with a life like hers, doing the right thing isn't always an option. Growing up parent less made her to have to grow up faster than she should have, and forced her step up and be the parent her younger sister needed, which proved to be difficult, but really what other choice did she have. It was hard for Emma to give up so much in her own life to ensure that her sister had a stable life, and while she tried her best to be vigilant in her responsibilities, sometimes things got a little off course. And that is when her sister found herself in a heap of trouble, and in need of some serious help, so once again Emma had to step in and take over. Which also meant finding a way to pay off her sisters debts, and landed her in her current situation of working in a strip club for a unsavory man riddled with greed. Now Emma is left trying to balance both her jobs, and make sure one world never mixes with the other... but that plan goes to hell when her wealthy, sexy, all business boss waltzes through the door of the strip club and is looking for a night of fun. Emma can hardly believe her eyes, the man she has secretly lusted after for months is standing in front of her, and asking her for things she has been fantasizing about for months... but in the back of her mind her moral compass is telling her to run the other direction!

Brody Kane is a beast in the business world, and stops at nothing to get what he wants, which also means he must maintain a laser focus when it comes to his work. But no matter how hard he tries he constantly catches himself admiring his alluring assistant, she is a no nonsense kind of girl and maintains a very prim and proper image, but Brody is certain somewhere amongst all that is a naughty girl dying to be released. When he hired her, he thought she had excellent credentials, and was sure her buttoned up appearance would keep him from becoming interested in her, but boy was he wrong, and now his plan has completely backfired on him. Now he is doing all he can to resist her, he is fighting his urges towards her and has no intention of acting on his attraction to her and muddying the work place with inappropriate shenanigans. It has been a while since he has dated or had relations with a woman, and his business partners are tired of his grouchy attitude, and are quite certain a night at the strip club is just what he needs. They of course have a hidden agenda, and hope he will finally make a move on the girl he has been secretly pining over for the last few months. So after their badgering and a new client to entertain for the evening he reluctantly takes his partners up on their suggestion and hits the strip club... and gets the shock of his life!!

I have been anxiously awaiting for the opportunity to return to this series, and I have been dying to get better acquainted with Brody, and I have to say that he was definitely worth the wait!! He swooped in and captured my attention right from the start and had me eagerly flying right through the pages!! He totally won me over with his domineering alpha man personality, gentle heart and his smooth and seductive one liners!! The story line was inventive, highly entertaining and unlike anything else that I have read, and I truly enjoyed every minute I spent reading it!! I am quite certain that Ms. Meader has another bestseller on her hands with this one, everything about it was absolutely perfect!!

Highly recommend you give this one a try, Brody is destined to steal your heart and leave with a VERY... VERY... satisfied smile!!

ARC requested through NetGalley, and kindly provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for a honest and unbiased review.
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