Face The Music, By Jacie Floyd, Is Now Available!!

Face The Music
Series: A Good Riders Romance Book #4
Author: Jacie Floyd
Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing
Release Date: May, 22, 2017

Astrophysicist Elliott Grayson routinely unlocks the mysteries of the sun, moon, and stars. But understanding faculty politics, social niceties, and beguiling women? Not so much. After a childhood of being touted as the next Einstein, he’s all grown up and looking for challenges outside the lab. Relocating to a new city, taking on a new job, and joining the Good Riders motorcycle club should be enough for him, but he wants more.

Although pianist Audrey Cameron’s and Elliott’s fields of study are light years apart, her aura of mystery, commitment to others, and tragic past intrigue him. Renowned as a child prodigy, Audrey performed all around the world until a kidnapping attempt at age seventeen left her shaken and withdrawn. Eight years later, she continues to shun the spotlight and keep men at arm’s length. And yet, she finds something undeniably appealing about Elliott.

Despite Audrey’s resistance, Elliott’s determined to get closer to her by volunteering at a community center where she teaches music. When they have to work together to save the center, their star-crossed paths merge and blend together, creating the melody that binds them together for a lifetime.

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Jacie Floyd

From the first time I read a Nancy Drew mystery as a child, I’ve been an avid reader and occasional writer. After marrying the man of my dreams and giving birth to the world’s two best children, I spent many years as a wife and mother with an interesting variety of nine-to-five jobs. Eventually, the desire to create my own stories took over.

As a member of the Romance Writers of America and OVRWA, the local affiliated chapter, I took my time learning my craft, developing my skills, and laboring over every word, sentence, and paragraph of more than eight completed manuscripts. As an unpublished author, it was my great honor to be named a six-time Golden Heart™ Finalist and two-time Golden Heart™ winner by RWA.

Finally giving in to the desire to make my publishing dreams come true, I ditched the full-time job in order to self-publish the kind of stories I like to read and write. What kind is that? Fresh, flirty, and fun contemporaries about strong women who deal with relatable situations in familiar settings. I hope that’s the kind of story you like, too.

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When it comes to stars, the moon, and constellations Elliot Grayson is an expert, but when it comes to the opposite sex the man is completely clueless. He's started a new journey in life, and naturally he'd like to add a companion to his life to share all his new discoveries with, the problem is the woman he is interested in, shows no interest in getting to know him. With both being child prodigies, and experts in their respective fields, he is certain that they would be great together, but it's the convincing her of it part that has him rattled, so he turns to his family for help. Which takes him to JAM the community center where she volunteers at, he's hoping if he starts helping there too than maybe she will be more receptive to letting him in...

Audrey Cameron has had a difficult go at things, after tragedy struck her family, it left her afraid to trust anyone, or let anyone close. She leads a very sheltered life, one that strictly revolves around her work, and for now she likes it that way. But after she meets gorgeous astrophysicist Elliott Grayson she begins to wonder if it is time to let her guard down and finally let someone in. But can she really trust her instincts on this one? 

 This is definitely one of the most touching and fulfilling stories I have read in a while, I think because you really get to see things develop between these two. They didn't have that insta-love kind of thing most romances do, their relationship started off more innocently and took time to grow, as they got to know one another and developed a true connection. For me, the most memorable reads are the ones that reach out and touch your heart, and awaken your emotions and truly make you feel the words on the pages....and this one DEFINITELY does that, and then some! I highly recommend this one, the touching story line is sure to leave your heart happy!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.


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