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Sunnyside Christmas
Author: Jacie Floyd
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publish Date: November 27, 2018
Publisher: Independent

Back when super chef Jillian Marshall reigned as Sunnyside's unofficial princess, Liam Bowman was among the town's best and brightest. They were the cutest couple around...Until a humiliating break-up prompted Jillian's departure. Twelve years later, she returns for her father's funeral, planning to settle his estate before launching her dream restaurant in New York. Instead, she learns all her father's businesses are bankrupt--except for a strip club managed by Liam! As a Wall Street superstar, Liam's life unfolded exactly as planned...Until his career, money, and reputation vanished amid a national scandal. Left with nothing, he returned to Sunnyside to start over. Grateful to Jillian's father for employing him, Liam never expected his disapproving ex-girlfriend to end up as his boss. With the holidays looming, old loyalties persuade Jillian to untangle her father's financial mess. But she needs Liam's help. As they set aside their animosity for the sake of Sunnyside, Christmas magic revives their unforgettable passion. Is it just a holiday affair, or will they learn how to forgive and forget?

Jacie Floyd

From the first time I read a Nancy Drew mystery as a child, I’ve been an avid reader and occasional writer. After marrying the man of my dreams and giving birth to the world’s two best children, I spent many years as a wife and mother with an interesting variety of nine-to-five jobs. Eventually, the desire to create my own stories took over.

As a member of the Romance Writers of America and OVRWA, the local affiliated chapter, I took my time learning my craft, developing my skills, and laboring over every word, sentence, and paragraph of more than eight completed manuscripts. As an unpublished author, it was my great honor to be named a six-time Golden Heart™ Finalist and two-time Golden Heart™ winner by RWA.

Finally giving in to the desire to make my publishing dreams come true, I ditched the full-time job in order to self-publish the kind of stories I like to read and write. What kind is that? Fresh, flirty, and fun contemporaries about strong women who deal with relatable situations in familiar settings. I hope that’s the kind of story you like, too.

For so long the Marshall name has been an shining example in the town of Sunnyside, the family owning the majority of the towns businesses, and the family matriarch always willing to lend a helping hand in the community. But after a string of some bad investments, the loss of Marshall matriarch, her father, Jillian isn't so sure what to expect when she returns home. She knows after her little mishap in high school that brought shame to her family, and her purposely staying away for so long, she has rubbed some of the folks in Sunnyside the wrong way. And with what she is planning to do once she is there, she is certain to tick a few folks off too.

Her plan is to return home, take care of her fathers lingering affairs, sell off all his holdings, and get back to the city, and to her restaurant. But that little plan hits a major snag when she learns about the mess her father left behind. And of course, then there's having a sexy little reminder from her past hanging around, and constantly stirring up trouble for her heart, that poses another unforeseen problem. At this rate she may never find her way back to the city!

Within the pages of Sunnyside Christmas you will find a story brimming with heart, drama, humor, and of course scorching romance! This was such an heartwarming story, the characters welcomed me into their world and made me feel right at home, as if I was meant to be there all along. Their antics had me giggling, smiling, and swooning throughout, they took me on a perfect little afternoon literary getaway! If you are a fan of small town romance I highly suggest you make a visit to Sunnyside, what you'll find waiting there for you is destined to leave your heart happy!


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